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TGND - Elsweyr Anequina

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File Name: TGND - Elsweyr Anequina

File Submitter: Nessa

File Submitted: 30 Jul 2013

File Category: Armor & Clothing

Requires: TGND, Elsweyr-Anequina


TGND - Elsweyr Anequina

Converts all female armor to TGND for:


  • What version of Elsweyr does this work on?
    The last version released by Iliana.
  • There were bunches of male only armors! What about those?
    Any male only armor has been updated to include new female versions.
  • Oh great, an esp. What load order do I use?
    Anywhere after the ElsweyrAnequina.esp. But before the bashed patch naturally.
  • Where the heck can I download Elsweyr Anequina!? It hasn't been on that "other" site for a long time!
    You might try here. :cool:
  • I found some clipping on some armor! Ick!
    Let me know about it! :cool:
  • I use the Unofficial Elsweyr Patch! Does the TGND esp conflict?
    No conflicts at all, I use the patch myself. :angel:


Click here to download this file

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