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[idea] curse of (input divine/daedric name here) lol

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basically you geta quest to go and wake this long lost daedric prince whose name has been lost time the sands of time. you dioa dungen crall you wake he wrecks havoc. upon his awakening and divine wakes and putsa curse on you taht leads to the pc never being sexually satisfied by a member of same species of opposite sex (human/humanoid fyi).


this leads to the pc being sexually attracted to non-human/humanoid.



that means what it means she will get wetter than the monsoon season in the east and go straight into heat/ovulate and get on all fours and beg to be pounded by rabbit


there will be some benefits besides being able to mate and give birth to a species of not the same dna structure of a human/humanoid.


first the good benefits like getting pounded willingly by a dragon greater than those shits at that meet you below lvl 20.

1-3 times of being inseminated gives you health regen rate greater that the best pot so far

4-10 (big jump yeah i know) all skills get a +1 in the skill tree

11-20 a perm boost of some sort to health magicka and stamina

giving birth to a dragon will grant you something like 1 revive depending on the type of dragon legendary is basically 4 revives


basically if health gets below idk 5 health it magically fill back up to max health. or something of just 1-5 essential scripts that counts how many times you went to 0 health and matches it with how many are allowed currently.

because honestly giving birth to a dragon should kill you but your dragonborn and what doesn't kill you makes you stronger even if its for weird shit likes this.


on another note if she walks into a room and if there is anything that walks on all fours. she will go from being human to being a bitch in heat that needs to be inseminated 3 times before she cools down. though in the case of trolls the pc will be fucked until the pc can't tell left from right. you can probably set that as a bad end in a mcm or something.


anyhow it doesn't make her want to have it makes to want to have babies with anything that's non-human/humanoid.

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