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Scripting help. NiOverride


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1. Using NiOverride.AddNodeOverrideTextureSet


I'm using this function to add a texture set to an overlay node. The issue I'm having is that I can't make the change persists in the SKSE save.

The function has a parameter "bool persist", but I don't see any difference if I set it to true or false.


2. Possible workarounds


In case it's not possible to make persistant the changes, I'm thinking of a workaround.


I got two armor items with a script attached to them which assign a different texture on object equip.

I made a quest with a Reference Alias pointing to the player, and I am using the OnPlayerLoadGame event to check if one of the armor pieces are equipped. If so I unequip and equip it again to trigger the texture change.

I don't like to use a quest. Is there a better way to do this?


Thanks in advance

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