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Looking to change up the default rape animations with loves to some other animations I have downloaded. These animations include furniture, and I know I cant use the automated program to install animations with furniture in them already.


SO is this possible:

I want to change at least one of the regular forced sex animations to one on a table, so when rape initiates, the table appears and all that jazz.


Do i simply just need to replace the filenames of the existing default animations to make this work?

Any help would be appreciated.



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Guest ThatOne

If you would have searched, you would've found countless places where this is answered.


But, I'll save you the bother; all you need to do is rename the files. So, for example, you want animation 105 to be 106? Rename ALL the files (8 kf files, plus 1 ini, plus the furniture if there is any). Remember that if any file is missing, the animation will either not play, or crash.

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Thanks! Sorry to have bothered!   


Since I dont want to spam the boards I'll throw my second on here too.


Some of the smaller races change to regular human sized when they are ragdolling. Is this a fixable issue?

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