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no sexlab dialogues for npcs,

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so i have sanguine's debauchery and all the mods related to that installed, ofc the sexlab dialogues aswell from the sse conversion thread, i asked for help on the mod thread but no reply for 2 days so i have to ask here, anything related  to that mod has invisible or just no dialogues for npcs, my dialogue options show and i can just proceed with the conversation but the npc dialogue just isn;t there, any help?  287408220_1202246577197941_6894810797026789879_n.png.aa4e4993da728680cb8baff5b1d689fe.pngimage.png.882463a0552f4cad0f06185ad93eb302.png287368949_1678226119204024_3146888249854268550_n.png.0272269efda9e9ba93e992c007b388ba.png

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5 hours ago, visby said:

Sounds like you just don't have subtitles turned on. They are off by default.

omfg god, thank you so much. i've been trying to fix this for such a long time, it worked haha, thanks again!

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