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Porting animation from PE to SMP (BHUNP) and switch LE to SE (worth it?)

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Hi all,

I wonder how difficult or how much work is there to port 30 sets of sex animations from PE to SMP?

I want to use the latest BHUNP body but the animations i use is for PE only.

I am aware that there is a PE BHUNP version out there but i want to use the latest BHUNP since alot of the armours uses the latest BHUNP.


Also, my am playing LE and i know there are alot of BHUNP stuff for SE. Is it worth to do the switch?

I havent really been following so what is the current SE modding situation like?

I can see there are more LE mods on LL but it seems more new stuff coming out for SE weekly on nexus

Is SE mod more vibrant then LE or does LE still has more stuff to stay?
I uses few combat mods like nemesis and mods that makes the game more immersive like Requiem.

90% of my other mods like clothing/armour, character improvement and animations.

I have about 130 mods and i know i need to sink few days to arrange everything when switching, but im happy to do that if its SE is better.

Any thoughts are welcomed.


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Hey Youngfool, thats your tag....


So uh,

Animations are not specific to a type of body physics as far as I am aware....There is of course an old exception to that.....BBP and maybe TBBP animations were in fact made specifically with key frames to cause breast bounce.


However even those animtions can be used with PE and or SMP because those physics are not key framed.....PE used weight paints and XML files to cause bounce just the light explanations.  The SMP uses a combination of the weight paints, xml, and also uses an invisible ground object placed in the mesh.

No key framing and no need for it either, will or should work with all animations.


Now there are some animation conversion files that make use of Bethsada Creation Kit which you will also need downloaded to convert the animations over to SkyrimSE.

Its not difficult to find online or to actually use, its a batch file operation seriously just a click of the button.  The hard part is that sometimes an animation or behavior might not work and I have no idea how to make those work, its a matter of tracking it down with FNIS logs and removing them from the installation not too hard but involves moving through your folders.


Skyrim LE is in a really good place, though as you say there are files coming onto SE that are not available on LE or AE for that matter....

The ones I value for that are mostly Nemesis combat based though and the new bodies such as CBBE CBA and Touched by Dibella (TBD my preference).


Skyrim LE is in a better place for certain things related to Loverslab sex mods and in regards to stuff people might not even think about normally such as High Heel Height change when using furniture objects, sex collision with hands, penis to belly....Although SE versions are coming along in those regards high heel height fixes is really sort of wonky compared to LE just install it and never think about it again.


Now an then I find really off stuff that none of the SE crowd seem to think about that has not been moved over or just makes parts of the game better that are just working well in LE, but the heels and collisions well those I noticed had working on my game fine in LE, maybe others are using systems that work well in SE and I just have not found them yet.


SMP cloth physics seems to work really well in SE, that might be enough of a reason to make the switch over.

The new combat systems might also be a good reason to hop on over.


However, if your a long time LE user, well you can expect to find issues that just worked fine in LE but not so much on SE, something that SE end user might not even be aware of its just how it is.



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