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Planck x SexLab

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AFAIK it does not do anything yet, I even think they conflict because, the physics events from Planck break animations.


Would be nice to have to way for Planck and sexLab (or any other sex mod) to register when you penetrate/interact with PLANCK, though.

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There is a Wabbajack modlist with both PLACK and SexLab. I didn't test it much since I am really new to Skyrim VR, but I didn't noticed any problem yet. When you push someone while they are in animation, it just offset them and they slide back on release.

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Planck and Sexlab seem to work fine in VR for me, at least if you don't throw the NPC's about. There's probably a conflict somewhere that's causing people to say they don't work. Haven't tried from a female point of view, or in multi-partner scenes, but at least for regular sex scenes, things work perfectly fine, including grabbing and, say, spreading an NPC's legs or shifting them up so you get a better view.

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The only problem with PLANCK and SL right now, before someone patches it, is that your hands collide with actors during SL scenes....

Then other thing with VR.... your headset does make you mialigned a lot of the time as well

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