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Lovender's Armor/Clothing Separated-Into-Parts (SIP) Mods

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Hello, hello.

I'm done with finger armor weight-painting for Hilde armor.

Will release the mod soon. 


Btw I'm trying to finish 1 more project for the v.2 update if I'm succeed.

& I think it has something to do with weight painting.



I'm trying to fix the clipping issue shown in the picture to be like this:



I want the red fabric can follow the left hand movement.

So if someone can explain how to weight paint the red fabric, please let me know.



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Hello, I want to make a stabbed sword into the ground like this in my forthcoming mod:







I set the position correctly in TES:CS. 

But when in-game, the sword always collapses.

Anyone knows a toggle collision script that can be used?

Thanks in advance.

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I'm not sure how exactly to do this with a script. First you would need a static mesh of the sword without collision and/or havoc data.


There are two ways: Either brutally removing the branch 'bhkCollisionObject' altogether, or selecting the 'BSXFlags' branch and clicking on the little flag icon in the block details list at the bottom. There you can disable collision and havoc data for the Nif by unchecking their respective boxes.

The collision-less version of the sword would then be implemented into the mod in the activator category where you could attach a script to the sword that makes it disappear when activated and adds the proper sword as a weapon item to the inventory. Such a script however I have no idea about.


But if you just need the sword as a decorative object it can simply be implemented in the statics category, no additional script needed.

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Thanks a lot for the explanations, Poontank.
But what I've done before you reply to this conversation, is like you wrote in the last line:


But if you just need the sword as a decorative object it can simply be implemented in the statics category, no additional script needed.

I implemented the object in the statics category using blender, but I still set the sword as two-handed in TES:CS.
The result is you can unstab the sword from the ground by taking it, then use it to attack the foe (or friend if you like...LOL).
Just don't drop the sword from your inventory....
And so.....here's the mod for you all. Enjoy!
#5. Haubergeon Armor SIP for HGEC  E cup - L  NEW!!!
Update v1.1 (NPC with sensual walk): http://www.4shared.com/file/mMVHLJn4ba/Haubergeon.html?

Naked Knight - Miqo'te race with the same hair, pubic hair & tail color
Haubergeon Armor SIP

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Oo...thanks for the link, Mov.

I'll take a look to it. Thanks



Well, well, well...I found that witch king sword is stabbed into to ground 90 degrees with the ground. 

While I want to make the sword in my mod looked like this:






So I stabbed it into the ground around 68 degrees with the ground.

& that's why it falls. hahah..  :lol:

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Can someone help me?

I have a problem with the retex of khajiit ears.

The correct textures should looked like picture EarBug02.jpg

But every first time I load the game file, the ears looked like EarBug01.jpg

So I gotta load another character of mine first, then load the character with ear bug.

After that, the ears looked normal.


Any suggestions to fix this bug?


The race can be chosen in my #5 mod. The race is Miqo'te (purple).




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What format are the texture files saved in? Which compression, I mean - DXT1, DXT3 or DXT5? Mip maps enabled? What kind of alpha channel?


Ah, I'll just download the mod and look at the file.


Now I have resaved the ear files with settings that usually work for me without fail. Please try these textures and see if the weird effect persists.



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Well, for the skin textures I remembered from the tutorials somewhere to always save with DXT1.

The alpha channel is from Oblivion default normal maps.

So I think the problem is because I forgot to enable mip maps... :blush:

I know for icons textures you don't need to enable mip maps because TES:CS will hate it.

That's why I forgot to enable mip maps sometimes...oh la la.

Thanks, Poontank.



Oyea...the original file is in one piece.

Took me almost a full week to separate it, just to highlight the metal plate & to modulate the clothing in nifskope. *phew

& then yea; the hobby to separate armor continues...  :lol:

Btw, I think I like your requiem chronicles site. Is that a site for Oblivion mods? Or for Skyrim?

I don't play Skyrim for now. The game usually crash to desktop & still don't find solution.

But I saw a full metal armor mod for the male in your site; from dark souls if I'm correct.

Gonna like it & will download it soon. *will separate it also for the next project if possible...for I can't help it!  :D

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For reasons unknown my Photoshop (still the ancient v7.0 from the stone age) is freezing up when I save a texture as DXT1, that's why I use DXT5.


I have edited the esp because I moved the swords into the 'Weapons' folder. Jyggalag would approve my addiction to order... While doing that I saw the esp is referencing the meshes in 'Armor\Haubergeon' like the original mod - but in the archive they are loose files in the armor folder.


One other thing to consider is this: If the normal map for the different skin variants is the same, it's possible to make the three texture files share one normal map by adding the variant's name with an underscore _. Instead of naming a variant 'Miqotefootfemalebrown.dds' which requires a similarly-named 'Miqotefootfemalebrown_n.dds', you can name the file 'Miqotefootfemale_brown.dds' to make it use the basic 'Miqotefootfemale_n.dds' as well. It's mostly to avoid cluttering up texture folders with additional files. In case of a lot of colour variants, needless separate normal maps quickly add up.


But the mod is great work you did there. One can see the effort you have put into breaking up the armor into so many pieces.

My Kitty immediately has taken a liking to your nice character:





Hopefully you don't mind I stripped O'mally down to better match her new friend (who has a thing for exhibitionism).

So I can enjoy looking at that cute white bush all the time. I gave her an M lowerbody with a detailed genital area.


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Woohoo!! Lovely picture...

Mmm...did you give some injections to O'mallpa to make her skin whiter like Michael Jackson did?  :lol: Just kidding.

But yes, this is the very first time I create new character with white hair, cos sometimes I feel if the hair is white so the character must be old.

But then I don't feel like my character is old when I make her skin darker. & so here she is; O'mallpa Ichi with dark skin & white hairs.

& yea, the name is weird right? I got her name from final fantasy miqo'te race name generator http://fandango.exp.jp/name-generator.php#result


About the swords, yes I put them in Armor/Haubergeon folder, because I don't want to replace 'BusterSword' folder from original author: Shadow_Dragyn,

& 'buster sword' (crisis core version) folder from DemonZariche. So to avoid too creating another buster,buster,buster sword folder, I just put the sword in Armor/Haubergeon folder.

No problem with your edit.


Uh-oh...about the normal maps for the body textures, yes they are a very, very different normal maps. 

Because the miqo'te race with white, purple, brown hair have different nipples, belly button & genital.

So the normal map for that every kind of that textures has to be different.

I use F-Inev Oblivion skinset from my fellow countryman; navetsea http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/19021/?

Yes, I knew about naming the variant textures not so long ago. That's why the ears textures you edited before there's only one normal map.

But for the body textures, I recommend to use the normal maps I uploaded.


I'm still thinking about creating 3 more body textures:

1. black: hair, ears, pubic hair & tail  

2. blue: hair, ears, blue, pubic hair & tail

3. and......purple skin with blonde: hair, ears, pubic hair & tail too. (the 3rd one will be awesome I think!) 


& yes....the fun fact about re-creating this miqo'te race from final fantasy XIV is:

Miqo'te race has the same color for the hair, hairy ears, pubic hair & hairy tail, like the characters in the anime movie, manga & hentai.

Maybe they don't want people say that they use wig if their hair is blue/red. So they show their pubic hair is also the same color

to tell everybody, "Hey, this is for real!!!" :P  


So for the final update, I think I will put NPCs with all different colors available. Hope you'll enjoy!

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Oh, I didn't even see the normal maps are different after all. And I didn't realize the ear textures are already using the underscore naming technique to make them share the same normal map - and this although I had opened the files! Absent-minded...


The light skin tone is a combination of multiple factors: I'm not using facegen texturing (bFaceGenTexturing=0 in the game's ini file), the weather is a clear sunny variant from 'All Natural', very different from the game's equivalent original weather. A natural white light illumination crystal had been placed not far away from the characters and an increased OBGE gamma brightness is also active. For good-natured characters I don't like pictures all dark and gloomy.


I might have a few characters with darker skin, but for the majority of NPCs I love fair skin. White hair on younger characters is something of a Fantasy convention - I remember book covers from the Eighties with white-haired sorceress hotties on them. They always got me very excited.


It's a great idea to include even more races and additional NPCs, making this also a race collection mod as an added bonus besides the equipment.

A purple-skinned variant I imagine as simply amazing.

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When I looked at last night's picture again I got the feeling something is missing. The body's midsection is a bit empty when the girls are just wearing boots and gauntlets. Now I have made a belt to attach the armor's pouch and flask using a piece from R18PN's 'Eisen Platte' armor.





This time it's my dark-skinned 'Malou' partnering with the mod's NPC. The belt buckle has an 'X-Men' look to it.




No E-cup for me galz, it's the HB 'large apart' variant.



To use the new item with the rest of the parts I have put it into the lower body slot.

So there is a lower body in the Nif, M size again. But only the regular version, not the prominent genital one. Paste any other legs into the mesh if you like.


HaubergeonPouchBelt.nif HaubergeonPouchBelt_bk.nif

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I need some help. It seems that I am having some trouble with the meshes (large yellow blocks with exclamation marks). I have HGEC body wtih BBB and I have both required mods for this armor mod to work but to no avail. I am new to the modding in Oblivion (only done modding in Skyrim and Fallout NV). There really should'y be any other incompatibilities, but I suspect that there is a problem in the pathway. And yes, I have read the "Oblivion Mods: Common Questions and Problems" thread on Nexus.

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