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best way to make screenshots ingame (oblivion)?


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hey everyone, I don't do this too often but might start.  I would like to know what the best way is to make ingame screenshots in oblivion?  would be cool to post some of some characters etc...are you all just doing the printscreen/paste to paint thing?  or is there a much better way?


Thanks, and happy gaming :D



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Edit Oblivion.ini which is located in C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Games\Oblivion\Oblivion.ini


Find bAllowScreenShot=0


Change to bAllowScreenShot=1


Save and exit


And bam! Screenshots with the printscreen button. The screenshots are stored in your program files/Bethesda Softworks/Oblivion folder.


You can also use console commands to help set up a good shot.


"tm" removes the hud


"tfc" gives you a flying camera, which lets you position it for the perfect shot. Just remember to go in third person beforehand, otherwise this happens:




If you need any more help or anything, go here



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It´s also mentioned on Tesnexus, nevertheless:

Use Fraps. Simple, free, efficient and - most importantly - it also works with antialiasing enabled which in Oblivion normally kills the ability to make screenshots by pressing the "Print" button. You can freely define the button to take screenies, even using a rarely used side button of your mouse.


@ tomfoolery: I know that effect, having been annoyed by it way too many times. Still that picture looks quite cool in a weird way.

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Hey thank you both very much :D  As I have some reasonable antialiasing forced through my GPU I do believe I would like to go the fraps route.  I think I'll download and give that a shot, ty for that distinction!  Have a good one everyone.



Edit:  as an aside, is fraps reasonably easy to introduce?  is there alot of alt-tabbing involved, oblivion does not like that ( for me at least.... )

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If you have the Steam version you can also just press F12 to take a screenshot, as with any game you have on Steam. You may, depending on the circumstances, want to move the images later if you do so as they don't to get used as faded backgrounds for the Steam profile of the game. A little box pops open in the bottom right of your screen indicating the shot was taken, and upon exiting the game all screenshots taken that session are there to review. No issues with anti-aliasing either.


Either way, Fraps is just a great program to have available.

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I also wanted to point people to this link http://cs.elderscrolls.com/constwiki/index.php/How_To_Create_Screenshots_Using_Oblivion, which addressed a problem I had with taking screenshots: the screenshots didn't show up in my files, which ended up being due to Windows 7 not granting the program the access to. According to the link:


"Vista/Win7 Users will commonly find themselves unable to find the screenshot files even though they are looking in the correct location. This solution will require you to restart your computer. Firstly, click on the start button and enter the control panel. Then click on the user accounts and family settings. Then click on user settings and you will be displayed a number of options. Click on turn user account control on or off and lastly tick the box off saying "use user account control." After restarting the computer, you will be able to make screenshots that will appear in the main oblivion directory! For "safety" reasons tick the UAC box back on after you are finished. "


Wanted to shoot that problem in the foot before anyone else has it happen to them.



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