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Screenshot distortion


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Does anyone know or have seen an instance when the build in screen capture function would take a screen shot but it was all distorted as the example below?


Just started the last couple of days and nothing as really changed in either the game or the system. Thing is, this only occurs with new Vegas screen shots.


Can't quite wrap my head around it so I'm just looking for ideas.





Edit: Just noticed its not letting me open the attached bitmap. This is how jacked it is, its not being recognized as a picture format. bAllowScreenshots =1. I just disabled them. For now I can use FRAPs, but its just annoying to have something built into the game fail so completely.


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When I read "distorted", it reminds me of this weird effect I encountered a short while ago in Oblivion when loading a specific save:











A summoned companion, not my player character.



My guess is some field-of-view setting gone haywire is causing this 'acid vision', but I didn't do anything in particular - neither to the ini nor Bash patch camera tweaks. Changing the view from first- to third-person camera made everything return to normal. WTF?

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Never thought about the steam thing. Usually because I always figured it was connected to the cloud and really don't want Koko's sexual exploits up in the



I was mulling it over at work and I think it may be Nvidia related. The only thing I can think of that was new to the system was the newest card driver, which has a built in "optimizer" for games, NV being one of them. I need to reset it back to my old settings to see if it helps. Maybe something was turned on that doesn't okay nice with the screen capture thing. Sort of like how you couldn't use the screen shot function in Oblivion with HDR or Bloom or something turned on. Been too long.. I forget these things.


Weird stuff. Must experiment. Then rage. I'll have to see how the experimentation phase goes though.


@PT: How is it that even your distorted jacked up images come out sort of cool? heh heh, nice to see ya in the Fallout side of the house bud.





Ok figured it out, and this one needs to go into everyone's lessons learned book.


While double checking my game ini files was of course bouncing in and out of the game as I was screwing with shit. Well I finally noticed that the resolution of my corrupted screenshots matched my desktop resolution (1366 x 768).


Yea... That fine for my desktop but I play games in 1600 x 900.  I set my game resolution setting through my video card so it forces 1600 x 900 and then I go back to 1366 x 768 after I exit. Big deal right? Well yea, actually it is.


I've been playing in 1600 x 900 this whole time, so I never noticed anything wrong. With the vanilla game settings somehow got reset to my default desktop resolution, so that means I was taking screenshots at 1366 x 768.


Take a 1366 x 768 picture with a 1600 x 900 viewing area and you get broken screenshots. So there it is. Resolution mismatch between my card settings and the game settings. Once I put the game setting back to 1600 x 900, shots were sexy again. Now if I can just figure out why that shit reset on its own...



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