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BattleToad Rash PLayer model Help


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Recently, a 3d model of The battleToad Rash was released on The Nexus site for the Elder Scrolls Skyrim. As an old fan of the Battletoads games, i wanted to download this character and possibly do a lets play with him, but from my view, the file has been removed from the nexus, and i cant find

it anywhere.


Here is an image of the mod taht i could find.



If anyone did download the mod before the removal, could you please upload it somewhere and share it? This old Battletoads fan would appreciate greatly if you could help me out.


sincerely, Delta14


PS: If this is the wrong place to post a request thread, i am sorry for that. If its possible, any admin or mod could move this thread to a possible request thread if there is any (unless this is an request thread).

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