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please does anyone know Unrecognised entry: preset= active

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There is probably this command in some .ini file from some mod. Can't tell you where exactly. Either block the mod one by one until the message disappears, or open each .ini file and find the phrase "preset = active" and remove it

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@Unicorn_Rarity i have this warning too, but too many mods to bother trying to narrow it down.  I just live with the pop up.  if it makes you feel any better, it doesn't affect anything other than to have to see the warning every time you start up.  But if you do locate it... let me know so I can get rid of it too 😅

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On 2022/1/15 at AM3点00分, bujangles said:

@Unicorn_Rarity我也有这个警告,但是太多的模组无法试图缩小范围。我只是忍受弹出窗口。如果它让你感觉更好,除了每次启动时都必须看到警告之外,它不会影响任何事情。但是,如果您确实找到了它...请告诉我,这样我也可以摆脱它 😅

thanks  i find one  SR_Event Xmas 2018 (Honoka) 

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