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How to fix male penises that mismatch with animations

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What file determines the posture/state of the male penis in the animations? I felt like changing how the penises in some animations look like, but I'm unsure how to.


Certain animations have limp penises for some reason. And some of them have penises that point straight ahead while their target is actually above (and aligning the penis to its target screws up the rest of the alignment of the rest of the body). Is the form of the penis coded into the animations (and therefore pretty hard to change for the unlearned), or is there some folder somewhere that each animation uses to take the penis mesh corresponding to it?


I've noted down some of the animations in which this happened; their Daedra Sutra numbers are 28.1, 57, 76. I am not sure if this happens on those animations normally. From what I can see, this problem happens only in animations that I use as replacement for other animation numbers (for example, I use the meshes and inis of 76 in place of meshes and inis of 72). Might that be the source of this problem?


Also, here are some example pics:





















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You have two options:

1. Download and install the Animated Penis version of LPK - the only downside is only the group 1 and 3 animations are done.

2. Fix the ini of the animations you have yourself.   To fix it yourself you need to do the following:

A. Start the game cast your lovers settings spell and make sure you are using v3/v4 penis settings.

B. Note down the animation numbers that you have issues with.

C. Open the ini for that animation and look at the chinupo code:

;chinupo (penis\futa settings)
;            Old options
;           -1 = Do not show
;            0 = Horizontal
;            1 = upward
;            2 = downward

set xLoversPkrQuest.chinupo to  2


In the case of the above the the penis mesh used would be 2 which points downward. 


D. Select the 0, 1 or 2 that fits best and save the ini change.

E. Run the game and see if that looks better.

F. Rinse and repeat.


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