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[Suggestion] A "Bounciness" slider for BBP armors in CB++ Bodyslide


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Thanks to some manual placement of animations and such, I'm finally seeing some NPCs with bounce and F-cup breasts as they walk around town with outfits done by CB++ Bodyslide, even though I'm using PCEA. Only problem now is, it's not very noticeable.


I see it as one of two problems:

1) The skeleton file I'm using (XP32's) has a low bounce weight, or

2) The meshes for the outfits just have a low bounce weight


I have no idea how to adjust either myself, but as I was thinking about it, I got a neat idea.


What if there was a slider in CB++ that controlled how bouncy a BBP-capable outfit was?


This, I feel, could solve a lot of problems if it's doable. For cases of armors that clearly shouldn't bounce (i.e. Iron, Dwarven, etc.), you could set the bounciness factor to be low, letting you preserve realism if you wanted. However, if you just wanted everything to go BOING, set it to max and watch the boobs jump around. :D


I have absolutely no idea if this can be made, but if it can, I recommend it for future versions of CB++.

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first of all: the original BBP has 1 breast bone. TBBP has 2 breast bones, including the single one from orig bbp. If you've got tbbp installed but are using a bbp compatible armor/body, then the bounce will be reduced, more subtle. It's more of a whole boob bounce. In otherwords, the entire rack does this kinda wall-bounce-thing, slightly, and there isn't much else.


the armor and body hhave to be tbbp compatible (read: skin weighting in modelers speak) in order for the entire thing to look right.


As far as putting a slider in body slide, it's not doable. without getting into the technicalities . . . hmmm... no wait . . . 


Bodyslide basically takes a dismembered body model and 'builds' an entire mesh from the various pieces... sections of hip, ribcage, etc. I suppose that if someone made a bunch of different juggs with different weightings, then you could use a slider for it. You of course wouldn't see the difference in the bodyslide app, but it would be there...


However, that would mean the person that did the dismemberment would have to make a set of juggs for each 0% and 100% weight per level of jigglage that they wanted to make.


So I guess it is doable, but not really practical. 


If you want to change the jiggfactor, I think you could change that in nifskope. . . but i'm saying that as an educated guess.

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