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2 things i have waited for - skse 1.6.14 and SOS


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I installed SOS and my sex anims stopped working, I could have messed it up myself earlier but atm. I'm suspecting SOS.


Test it. report it to the developer....

A detailed report......

I think it will take a month or less/more to make SOS compatible to most of the adult mods.




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I dont believe its an SOS issue, since FNIS is not involved in anyway to make SOS to work. SOS adds a new character project/behaviour file, that gets appended to any actor who uses it. It would be like saying: "my animations dont work on beast races" since SOS design is in fact the same as tails. For all effects and purposes, the penis is just a tail positioned at the front of the pelvis. Custom animations and behaviours on the Default Character need FNIS to work, because FNIS allows to edit an already existing Havok Behaviour Project. Since SOS creates from scratch its own behaviour files and havok assets, no reason for it to interfeer with other animations.


SOS only mods slightly the mt_behavior.hkx from the vanilla one (not game breaking) and a specific anim that gets only installed when using the Bodybuilder body. Other then that, I dont see any reason. Also, I've consulted with Fore, and he told me that for now, FNIS does not change in any way the mt_behavior.hkx


And I agree with Gregathit, although there is no real SOS thread, me and Smurf are offering support for it at the Animated Penis thread


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And I agree with Gregathit, although there is no real SOS thread, me and Smurf are offering support for it at the Animated Penis thread


You are more than welcome to start your own thread and place it in the downloads section if you like.  I just didn't want a non-author putting a link up and providing no support for it, especially since you and Smurf were already using the other thread.




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nah, no new thread is needed, the Animated penis one will suffice. As for uploading, like I already explained to Ashal, since I'm already planning on managing SOS over Hall of Torque aswell (which was the site where I maintained SOS versions prior to 2.x), and because LL only allows for the uploader to manage the mod, I feel that Smurf is the one that should manage it here =)

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