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Become a stripper. Idea for a mod


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Hi guys,
I'm not a modder and I know nothing about programming.
I just wanna share an idea and I'd like very much if a good willed modder will realize it for the sake of the perv (pardon: players) community.
The concept comes from this interesting mod: "Become a bard" (You can find it on Nexus).
In "become a bard" you can play instruments and you can go up to any innkeeper and tell them you would like to perform in their inn. In exchange you'll get a meal, a free room for the night and some money.
As you perform in taverns, you increase your musical skill level and you earn Perks. You'll become an Experienced Bard, a Well-Known Bard, a Renowned Bard and you'll be able to perform for a jarl and get gifts too.
I think this is appropriate for a male bard but I'd really find more entertaining to have a female dragonbitch performing a different show.


Well, the idea of the mod, let's call it "Become a stripper", is to have the female player dance as a stripper, undressing and dancing naked for the patrons.  
I remember an interesting secondary quest in Sanguine's Debauchery mod: "Gold for the Wicked" where the player gains the ability to dance naked and whore for gold.
Maybe it could be something similar to that, set in a context similar to the become a bard mod.
It would be great to add a summon audience effect, in a way similar to the one of the estrus mod (where people gather around the victim) looking for the show.
When the dance ends, the player might whore herself for money and/or NPCs observing the dance might automatically queue up on the player for sex (like it happens in Sanguine's debauchery).
Obviously there should be perks too ("experienced stripper", "well know bitch", "renowed slut"...or whatever) to increase money, to get better gifts and maybe to get comments from people or else.


Feel free to express your opinion and to add suggestions, maybe someone will realize it.

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Guest wellbredbitch

i'm in! i posted a request for a dance mod so my girl could " twerk " as part of a pole dance. all part and parcel of the stripper/lapdancer roleplay.


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Not a bad idea, but why do all the perks have to sound so degrading?


This is the Adult Section. Degration is part of the business. :D




Being an adult doesn't necessarily mean that you have to be vulgar, if anything being an adult involves a bit more class. ;)

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Stripping in itself is degrading. I'd say degrading names remind me of how pimps treat hookers. If I could be a pimp that would be an awesome addition. 

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All I'm saying is, this mod would be exactly the same functionally if you were a bit more respectful to the player-character. Calling the player a whore, slut, and/or dragonbitch is needlessly mean-spirited.


I have no problem if you want to call your own character a slut, and given the nature of the theoretical mod I would expect some degrading name-calling from NPCs every so often, but there's no reason to shoehorn your disregard for your characters into a mod that other people are intended to use.


Just call the player a Renowned Stripper. Is that really so difficult?

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Stripping in itself is degrading. I'd say degrading names remind me of how pimps treat hookers. If I could be a pimp that would be an awesome addition. 


How is it stripping by itself degrading? A woman can perform a stripping dance and keep her integrity intact. 

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Yeah not all strippers are broke college of winterhold grads, single moms or skooma whores. Some appreciate debella or something simple and beautiful as the curves of a woman and are open enough to share that with the rest of skyrim. I would applaud there efforts and tip them gold but I'm still waiting for that mod.


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If this ever be developed into one of those "questy" mod, i would recommend Riften as the main hub with Haelga as the key character. We already have Niruin's name from the infamous Niruins business plan, let's throw in something like 'Helga pleasure plan' (shit name i know) and make Riften the real red light district of Skyrim.


A place where the line between business and pleasure blurs... and an unfortunate place for an orphanage...


But consider this, Mara vs Dibella, love vs lust(?) in Riften. We are playing on Dibella's side of course.

1. The dragonborn can do the stripping him/herself -and the more (main?) quest you've done, the more renown you are, the more money you gain- maybe some 'fans/friends' will send some gift through couriers. "The harbinger of the companions is performing?!?! no waaay!"


2. The dragonborn can persuade others to do it... same shit... famous people will generate more commission for the dragonborn. I wonder how much will you get if you can convince a certain law-giver or a meadery owner to strip? or for the actual quest's sake... a priestess of Mara?

Personally, my DB would love to be involved in a scenario where nazeem caught his wife stripping then screwing someone else (or 2), even for little or no money.


3. How do we convince them? Obviously with our honeyed word and just plain old trickery.

[scenario 1]. Lore-wise, we know Svana (Haelga's niece) has a crush on Sibbi Black-Briar, if somehow the dragonborn can convince her to perform 'privately' while actually she will be doing it in public as she is blindfolded. huehehe (My DB is an argonian... so that felt right).

[scenario 2] Warning: incest... DB tricks Ingun to perform for Heming, and with the magic science of sexlab, one thing led to another. Two things led to another and they started doing it in front of some audience for the fun of it.

DB paid off Maul (or maybe Haelga can help to convince him) to accidentally 'lead' their mom to stumble upon the 'performance'... another thing lead to another... 2 ladies of black briars stripping and [commence sexlab tricycle].

Haelga is happy that her joint is booming = Payday for dragonborn. Maybe with extra sumthin2 on the side... and i know that my DB will be kind enough to let her niece join the fun.

Here is where anyone with some decent story-telling ability (and huge exposure to typical hentai scenarios) really shines... and me fading away into the shadow.


Mind you i have no technical clue if any of this is even possible and I am talking out of my ass right now, with great difficulity as english is not my first language.

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I don't know if it would be precisely "lore friendly" (as I'm not fully versed in the lore), but would a belly dancer type character be more appropriate? You could fill all those extra slots bandolier type mods use with scarves...and remove them one at a time while the wiggling progresses.



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