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Dio Wolf's Yokino Sims

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Dio Wolf's Yokino Sims

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So I was asked to upload my Yukino Sims and I'm crazy and felt like I should give it a try.  Please forgive me for splinting it up between 5 parts.  I've never uploaded anything on this website and I have a vague idea of what I'm doing.  Hopefully the files work and I didn't fudge anything up.


ANYWAY, This is my Yukino household from Treasure Hunter Claire.  That's a Hentai game if you didn't know.  However, there is only 1 Yukino in that game while my household has 3 Yukinos.  The reason for this is due to making then remaking Yukino.  Also there is a Teen Yukino so she can find a senpai anime high school style.


I hope you enjoy these sims and that they work.  Big thanks to all the custom content creators as there is no way I'd be able to bring Epic Tits Yukino to life without them.


For Legal Reason:

I don't own Yukino or any of the custom content of this upload. This upload is free to everyone.  Check out Treasure Hunter Claire where ever you feel comfortable buying Hentai games.


EDIT: I fudge up the upload and some how divided the files into different topics when I was trying to get it into just one.  Hopefully I fix it.

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    Download all 5 parts. I don't know how to edit it so that all the files are on 1 page. Sorry.


09-23-21_12-21-50 AM.png

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Someone asked me:


Q: "Hello! excuse me i have a question and i don't know if you can help me, in your mod of Yokino house for the sims 4... how do you do to have that breast on your sims? i already download every part and mod and i cant have those milkers on other sims that i want to make from 0. Btw i really love the mod and the sims you did a very great mod! have a great day!"


So in the interest of helping anyone who wants to know:


A; I didn't make any mods.  Its just a combo of mods I downloaded off of lovers lab.  The Huge slider of the Heavy Breasts mod, Cmar breast separation mod (I think version 2), and SecretCrush's bodyshape 6 or 7 or 8 or maybe 5.  The bodyshape preset is the key.  Without Secretcrush's bodysahpe preset (I forget which one I used), the Yukino with the biggest and most epic tits don't work.  I'm glad you enjoy the sim. ;D




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23 hours ago, undeadorc99 said:

I downloaded all 5 parts and extracted them too the MODS folder.  Some of the files had the same names and I over write some of them.  I started the game up but nothing seems to have changed.  Sorry I am new to this please help me.


I need more details.  What hasn't changed?  Does my sim not work?  Do you get a white and red sim with "?" on it?  Are you just trying to get those epic huge tits on all your sims and its not working because it only works with Secret Crush woohoo body shape number 7?  Did you add the Tray files to the tray folder?


I'll try to answer any question I can but I need more information.  Please remember, I didn't make any mods in this download.  The mods are just what I used to make Yokino.

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Thanks for getting back to me, im sorry for being so vague this is the first time I have tried modifying the sims 4.  


Pic 1 is the file location I put put the contents into

Pic 2 is me extracting the files from the zips

Pic 3 is windows asking to overwrite files with the same name

Pic 4 is me testing out the breast sliders in game, this is as big as I could make them

Pic 5 is the location I thought Yokino would be in


Sorry for being so vague this is my first time trying to mod the sims 4






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First, when you extract your files, you are going to get a folder called "Mods" and a bunch of strange files at all start with "0".  Those strange files are Tray files that you have to put in the "Tray" folder of the sims 4.  From there, Yukino will show up in your gallery in the sims 4.


2nd, If you are making a new sim and want Yukino's epic tits, you need to select the body preset #7 from Woohoo Bodyshape


preset the sims 4.png


3rd, it would seem that the heavy boobs slider that I love to use didn't get include with the download for Yukino.  I would suggest downloading it from the link above and make sure you are using the "HB Slider".  If you have any other breast slider installed in your mods folder, Heavy boobs won't work.


I hope that helps.

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