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  1. i love extremes, flat and huge-giant
  2. Ty for the guide, i just uninstalled the game and asked for a refund too much work to make it fun
  3. i dont know about that but, with the 7 girls and you, the household has reached 8 and that means you cant have more people unless i read wrong and your sim is included in the 7
  4. youยดre doing a great work these dance animations are really nice
  5. in wickedwhims settings, you can make them follow their sequence or you can make a playlist
  6. beautifull work i love using this kind of tattoos on femboy sims
  7. both ways of showing the goods and not showing the goods all but genitals exposed and all exposed but genitals not sure if i xplain myself, english is not my 1st language
  8. that happened to me too also Seldaยดs family looking great
  9. nice girls, any plans on making Latinas(iยดm Mexican) iยดve been using some edited versions of your and Mrrakkonยดs girls to make them look more like Latinas
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