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Planet Horney POP! - Gay Strip Club

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Planet Horney POP! - Gay Strip Club

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Planet Horney POP! Gay Strip Club


Do you remember my Jiggly Room?, well... Planet Horney POP was my inspiration to build it and now I want to share it with you. Planet Horney POP! offer pole dance area, two bars, two dancefloor in the upper level and dark rooms in the basement.


This is my second build shared here, so I hope you like it.


As you can see, I've used a lot CC on my build so, I decided to include it in the zip file , but all the credit goes to the amazing cc creators who did a great job to make my build possible.


Required Mods:

- Wicked Whims

- Basemental Drugs

- AEP Pornography


Credit to CC Creators:

- Kritical

- Noir and Dark Sims

- Nickname

- Winner9

- Around the Sims 4

- Davino

- PC

- BrandySims


- Toskasims

- Azmodan22

- Zorak

- RavenDiaval

- LittleDica

- Others

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    Wicked Whims


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