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WhickedWhims not working with current(?) game update

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I'mma keep it real with you people, I do not know what vers. of the game I have since I pirated it last month. I know that I got an error for using March's legacy vers. of WW saying that my game "isn't legacy" but whenever I use the current update of WW it just doesn't work, I don't see the Wicked social interaction button, and I cant do anything with computers. Help? I've attached my recent WW lastexception from when I used the Legacy vers. of WW. hopefully this'll help somehow?


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16 hours ago, grishA_01 said:

Pirated how?? did they not download  it from the wickedwhims website??

Regardless of where it's pirated from, piracy is not supported here. Doesn't matter what it is.

Plus @Huskis right, it was their game not Wicked Whims but it doesn't make a difference piracy is piracy.


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