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[HELP] NifSkope troubles...

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I'm trying to combine one part of an outfit to a new body. The problem I'm having is not being able to Import OBJ from one to the next. All of the info I can find online says I need NifSkope 2.0 dev 7, which I have. Am I missing something?  The outfit is on a standard CBBE body, and the body I want it on is 3BA. I usually do this kind of thing in Bodyslide, but for some reason the outfit in question won't conform. It's the Tribal outfit btw, if your familiar.


Found here;





Please advise...



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Back. You should use Outfit Studio and replace the CBBE body of the outfit with 3BBB. 


Not sure if you know, but open Outfit studio and import the Tribal nif. You will see the outfit mesh and a CBBE body. Delete only that CBBE body and import an outfit that has 3BBB. Now just delete that outfit so you only have the Tribal mesh and 3BBB mesh. Now export back to the Tribal nif. Repeat with both. 0_nif and 1_nif. Make sure to export to the correct nif. 


You will get clipping on the top though. This is because the 3ba physics is not applied to it. However the skirt seems to work fine without clipping. If so you can just increase the mesh in Outfit Studio. That is if you dont have a ridiculous maxoffset on your physics. 


I just did this and works. Im now going to give it another colour with gimp and add it on another outfit :P 


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