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Aja and Kaida

remake of my Faerie Follower


two sisters, twins, heard of a mutagen created by Anton, known as a wise druid.

The sisters eagerly tried to obtain this mutagen, but only succeeded in getting the formular, not the potions itself.

The two started brewing and finally, created two potions of this home brew.

One day both drunk a potion and really, wings started growing. But unfortunately something went wrong.

A side effect, their lips became fire red. That's not all.....

One of the sisters started to shrink, more and more, but meanwhile her sister remained in her original size........


Story out of this, the "Big" sister specialized in 2 handed weapons, speak a "very special hammer".

The "small" sister specialized in the arcane arts and discovered an "unique spell".


Both together build up a very powerful team.


This mod does not replace my original mod, it's new and they can be installed together.

It's stand alone, no depencies. Uses your default skin and female nif's. Thanks Anton and Sunspot2 giving open permission. So I used their

original mod and added everything need into   Aja and Kaida.

DAR soft requirement (for floating animations)




Big one ragged flagon standing in pool AND small one dragons reach castle

Do not upload other sites


Credits to


Ks Hairdos

Sunspot2 and Anton
for the wonderful Animated Fairy Wings and the permission to use it in own mods.

Link to the mod:

Author's instructions
Do what you like with this mod just give us a proper credits.

File credits
Sunspot2 for the wings mesh and textures
Anton for animation and behavior
@perture for incredible help with studying "Havok Animation Tools"
Firepower02 for support
Developers of Blender 2.7+
Developers of Notepad++
Developers of "Havok Animation Tools"
NifTools team for NifSkope
Figment for Hkxcmd tool
Bethesda for Skyrim and Creation Kit
+ my own tools for export/import models and animation for newest Blender (see "ToolsPack to work with Blender 2.7")

Donation Points system
This mod is not opted-in to receive Donation Points

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