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Lot visitors based on skin tone

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Yeah, but it takes some doing and requires Get Togheter clubs and you making/downloading all participants and manually adding them to the club. You can create clubs, and make their gathering place the interracial club. Make the lot "Generic" so it don't get other visitors. Then you simply set the club activity of the club from the men to "Have sex (swinging) WITH [club for white women]. They SHOULD autogather, most of the time, when you are visiting with an active sim, and perform club activities.

If you want even finer control you could have your "main" sim, that you actually play, be the club leader of both clubs, to assure that they always gather when you want them too.


Since you won't be able to have the gatherings in an actual nightclub if you don't want random visitors this will break the sims "party AI", so set a bunch of club activities like make drinks, drink drinks, use the DJ booth, dance, whatever, to make them still behave as if it was a club.

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