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[mod] Statue of Colonist Hediff Graphics Extension (formerly known as Rimnude Patch)


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Statue of Colonist Hediff Graphics Extension (formerly known as Rimnude Patch)

Erect statues with dingdingdongs to commemorate your colonists' tralalas!


Actually, this mods adds Hediff info to the statues and makes them be drawn; should work with any mod adding HeDiff graphics, like RimNude, Revia, Pawnmorpher, and maybe others.

Also fixes at least one "map turns gray" bug of the original mod.





  • Rimnude - wherever you may find it, I used RimNude v2.2.11
    • Well, I say "optional", but if you're here, you probably want those genitals (which in turn require RJW...)


OPTIONAL II (if you use Rimnude)

  • OTY Nude - see Rimnude link above




  • Combat Extended
    • Will turn your statues into pink squares (at least with some apparel)
    • Use at your own risk



Click on statue, click Edit, adjust individual parameters or just click Copy from colonist, remove as much apparel as you wish.

Click Edit Hediffs and change size of boobs or penis (slider ranges are a bit experimental); you can also add hediffs like pregnancy / belly bulge.

You will notice that the "Edit Hediffs" window will also show other hediffs that the colonist had at the time the looks were copied, even if they aren't drawn, like injuries. So far you can leave them or remove them as you wish, I have no intention to ever make them drawn on the statue. The "Add Hediff" window will only show hediffs that can actually be drawn on the race the statue represents. E.g. the Revia tails can only be added to statues of race Revia, pawnmorpher stuff can not be added to Angels & Devils.

Presets don't contain hediff information and I have no intention of changing that (too much work considering you can now edit all aspects of the statues...).



Obligagatory "thanks to all the creators that were before me"; thanks, of course, to the creators of the mods used (and required), see respective mod pages for names (and leave them a like or a thumbsup or whatever); thanks especially to Nabber, ShauaPuta and Abraxas who tried (and in some cases succeeded) to help on the RJW discord.



Install (and/or update) all requirements. Activate all requirements. Sort your mods (that doesn't mean "hit autosort" - a guide should be linked in the RJW thread).

If your statue is a pink square, try editing it and copy from different pawns, sometimes that fixes it. Sometimes it does not. I don't know either. Post HugsLog, maybe it gives some insight.

Still having trouble? Bug reports without HugsLog will be ignored, see RJW thread for instructions.



Races used in the image: Orassans and Angels and Devils. With some patch for Facial Animation, don't ask where I got the patches. Probably Discord. Also Pawnmorpher and Revia.

Another note on the pictures with the three rows of statues: Sienna got her dingdingdong after I made the statue. It was a test if saving/reloading keeps the statues as-is.


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1 hour ago, smurf123smurf said:

Necroing the HELL out of this thread, but what mod gives you the Hediffs for Cat Ears and the like? I can't find the mod that adds those.


Orassans and Revia have ears, but hediff-ears are probably from Pawnmorpher.

Link at the bottom of the description (in the fine-print).

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I'm having an issue where trying to make a statue of a colonist causes the graphics to break horribly. I'm uncertain whether or not it's this mod specifically that is causing the issue, but it is in the one that appears in the bug text box on Visual Exceptions, and removing your mod causes the graphics to break right away so I can't extensively test. Hugslog here: https://gist.github.com/HugsLibRecordKeeper/50c43440fee0b1185f462947efef1e7f


It's entirely possible I am doing something wrong, but I have all of the required mods + Rimnudeworld. Not sure if it's an incompatibility somewhere in my long modlist, but any support is appreciated.


Edit: Adding the Hedriffs Graphics Extension patch helped a bit, now the graphics no longer break to an unplayable state, but it still spits a lot of errors at me. Additional log: https://gist.github.com/7333f5889e40e04d47a2717778225c0c

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I figured out the part with the Hedriffs patch, and it does stop the game from being completely unplayable, though I should note it's still giving me debug log exceptions a lot when I make one of the statues or interact with it.

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The point is: don't use the "RNW Patch" at all, it's an old version.

Only use the Hediff Graphics Extension.


The name changed when I figured out that RNW uses Hediff graphics and as such the method of having them on the statue works for other mods, too.

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