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Nude Minecraft :3


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I've been exploring all of the updates that have ben posted to Minecraft since I last played (as a child). Yesterday, I dabbled with the modding tools available for Bedrock Edition, and I had some success "lewdifying" select mobs. I converted Villagers into women, and I adjusted their outfits to show a little extra. I also made their bodies more feminine, because four-by-four arms look like trucks.


Yeah, sometimes I have too much time on my hands.


Anyways, I was curious if there was any need or desire for a slightly lewd-er Minecraft. From what I've seen, a lot of nude mods are just downsized hentai or a nude skin. I'm curious if custom animations are possible, but a day of dicking around in notepad is hardly enough time to learn such advanced tomfoolery.

Minecraft Screenshot 2021.09.12 -

Minecraft Screenshot 2021.09.12 -

Minecraft Screenshot 2021.09.12 -

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