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Fun and Sexy Bedding mod

My second furniture mod.


This is a simple mod that switches the sheets on this bed:



Choose between 4 fun and sexy bedding variations.  


Simply press "X + 2" to cycle through the 4 variations.


Press X+3 to cycle through extra stuff I've added.  Currently this is only a bra draped across the head board.


If I add more variations I'll update this mod.


This was designed for use on DMM.  This is confirmed to work on Steam too.


The screenshots that show the headboard are out of date.  There is no longer a headboard on the bed.


Thanks for downloading.

DOAX_VV 2021-09-11 00-28-21.jpg

DOAX_VV 2021-09-11 00-31-57.jpg

DOAX_VV 2021-09-11 00-39-22.jpg


DOAX_VV 2021-09-11 09-44-55.jpg

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