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Voiced sound files uploaded recently

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Customvoice01.rar is the name of the zip, it was recently uploaded by some nice user and I would like to track it down to give endorsement. File has recorded dialogue for a potential follower/quick quest mod and has some other goodies. The file has some kick ass bj sound effects in it, alot of em, and there good and some user should make a file using those sounds for sexlabs fxoral sound effects. Im testing on my end but first go looks like I have to edit the sl mod in xedit, not crazy about touching that but I at least backed it up first,should be fine.  


I did do search in LL and from google, didn't see mod. Mainly just want to give endorsement and pass news of good bj fx files being found in said file. I tried uploading some sounds into spoiler but they required being dl'd so I edited them out. Also some good sl sex sounds too. 



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16 minutes ago, T-lam said:

This one ?

Installed this, pretty nice





No, I should of typed better on first post, file I am referring to has a good amount of dialogue recorded as well that would be used outside of SL Fx sounds. Not Vsynth thingy, actual recorded dialogue. Great content. 



In other news I just tested adding,not replacing original,fx sounds to SexLab in xedit and it worked like a charm. Very nice





in base SL you have 4 or 5 of the cyupa.wav files and the 3 fera.wav files, I added some and tested in game, very easily done in xedit with an additional pinch of work on desktop and stuffs(mod manager/data?)


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4 hours ago, T-lam said:

Is there a lengh limit ?


I played around with one of the voice pack mods one time, think is was nubiles. But it had added voice options for sl and I renamed some sound files the same name as ones i didnt like from mod and copied and paste and it worked and some of those files were larger so I think it would work. 


I tested bj sounds from work done in xedit early and it definitely works. havent played with sex sounds yet.


You can see what I did in xedit after backing up my sl.esm in MO. I went to sound decriptor and in fxoral I added empty slots and gave them file paths leading to sl folder where I added sound files. 


here is unknown file with sound effects I was playing with. I swear user who uploaded mod you suggested is user that uploaded this file but Im not seeing it with their mods.

Custom voice 01.rar

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