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Here is the female sim character and VTK Model named Reneshia Standard. Reneshia has the "Heroine V1" body preset.
When I first saw her pushed onto one of my favorite restaurants as a waitress, I knew I had to give her a makeover and leave that lovely hair the same!
She's at "Club Landing Strip" and ready to party! She's going to shake that body preset every way but loose!

Download Reneshia - https://killasims.com/reneshia-standard-sims-4-character/
Download other hot body presets! https://killasims.com/custom-content-sims4-body-presets/

If you like my content, please leave a Like, Comment, and don't forget to Subscribe to the channel if you don't mind. Thanks!
I haven't been getting credit for all the views, likes and subscriptions.
It doesn't feel good when hard work goes down the drain, so if you comment, YouTube will reflect all those those views, likes, and subscriptions. Thank you!
I know I have some more full body pics of her somewhere, but I've moved a lot of things trying to various zip drives save space.
But for until I find them and for now, check out Reneshia and the KillaSims Community having fun with VicThaKilla as DJ party night at "Club Landing Strip"!
Thanks for visiting The KillaSims Channel!



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