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NifSkope <-> Skyrim = color mismatch

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Hello friends!

I try to make wigs of my favorite hairstyles. I never worked with NifSkope or Creation Kit but I've finished my first wig and it's working ingame.
I used this tutorial to make it happen. It was postet here on LL. ?

Now the only problem I have is a color mismatch between NifSkope and Skyrim. At first I've taken a look into my Racemenu settings under hair and took the RGB values from there:


After that I changed the hair tint color in NifSkope like shown in the tutorial (at min 5:46).


Entering the RGB values this way gives me a much brighter color and another hex code like shown in Racemenu. For some reason it's not possible to enter the hex code directly or I don't know how to do it.

Well... I'm convinced it must be possible to set the right color and I would appreciate it if you could show me how to solve this problem.

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