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T.e.s purist's wtf

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About a week ago we got locked down again because of Delta strain Covid got loose in the community.  and yesterday i get a phone call from my cousin who i only get to see every few years and lives in a different part of the country So we are talking away and he starts telling me that he built his wife a new gaming desk setup and sent me a couple of photo's, he is a builder and did a really good job of it. and he starts telling me that his wife plays Skyrim every day and she has a lot of books and stuff on it. i have only met her maybe 2 times in the 20 odd years they have been together and never would have thought she would be into it at all. So he walks into the room where she is and this is how the conversation went.


Cousin: "Hey my cousin Nemo has been playing Skyrim also since 2013"

His wife: "oh yeah? did he play Morrowind?"

Cousin: "did you play Morrowind"

Me: "No i never have."

HIs Wife: "pffft!"

Me: " Has she ever used mod's?"

His wife:: (in the most stuck up, looking down her nose voice type of voice) "NOOO i am a Purist!......"


and that was the end of the conversation. i had no idea these types of people existed. 

i don't know why but i almost feel insulted!!! ?





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