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Autonomously or God Like

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So i play a new game for a while and i got myself the mod "Go to School" which is great. Now at least i can see my sim going to school and witness the boring school routine.

I do ask my self though, if i should let my sim do what it wants to do or force it to ask questions etc..

In fact i am wondering if a sim would actually do whats good or not. Like doing Homework.

So far, i forced my sim to have sex with the principal. Even in school, which surprised me somewhat.

Ok, my sim is actually a bimbo and is more busy with herself. She got now hooked on cigarettes. 

Sims 4 informed me that she has "D"'s a lot. Even though i force her to ask questions and do homework.

Anyway, i wonder if anyone forces the sim to do actions or let it be on its own. After all, its a simulation.

Even though we do sexy things with them.

I find it tempting to interfere, though i fear that otherwise my sim would just hand all the day on the computer. Which is funny, if you think about it, as you play the game.


I wonder if the sim actually goes out on its own. So far, i think they mainly stay at home by default.


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> When I played Sims, I forced them to go to school if they were teens. But, I used autonomous social life and activities. That included sex too. She was bisexual and like me she mostly had sex with girls. :D Anyhow, my point is this: if I played with adult Sim, she was mostly on autonomous, doing things according her treads. Teen Sims were controlled.

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So far, autonomy is tricky.

My character is now for almost the whole day at the disco and dancing.
I switched autonomy in MCC on in hope that this would resolve the problem, like going home. She sleeps on the bench. At least she smoked her ciggies alone.

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