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Mod idea: Sex & Living: Jobs

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This is a mod concept I had that I thought upon and wondered if it was possible. I have done games coding and other programming but couldn't get my head around creating mods or where to start with them. I have plenty of design ideas and would love to see some of my creations come to life and be created. It would be amazing to find a creator that i could work with to make these ideas come to life. I will be breaking down and going into detail about different sections of the mod to provide my ideas and views for such mods.



Sex and living: jobs will provide the player with more tasks and jobs that aren’t just go here collect an item and murder someone. Instead, these jobs are designed to be more conversational and choice driven quests. The PC can be hired as a range of different jobs including but not limited to barmaid, maid, shop assistant, racer, smuggler and more. The pc will have to talk to and be hired by one of the many establishments that are offering a job. Some jobs will be legal jobs that you can kick back and relax knowing you won’t be hauled off to the dungeon with something between your legs while other jobs you will need to be more careful who has eyes on you especially when taking stuff in or out of between your legs. Some jobs can be time sensitive with shift times meaning when you can work while others you get paid for a task completed.



Skyrim is full of taverns and inns with travellers passing through by the hour. These establishments are always looking for more help especially if the help has a pretty face to draw in the customers. The job is simple, and the tavern outfit looks good.

Once hired the pc must pick to workday time shift (12-6) or night shifts (6-midnight). The pc must arrive and report to the boss before the shift in order to start on time. If the pc is late by more than an hour or don’t show up a all they are given a warning. 3 warning and you are fired. If you are lucky, you might be able to persuade the boss to remove a warning with either speech or sex or they might have a special task for you (like making you do your next shift naked or working a 12 hour shift or even both. You can also beg for your job if the time comes, and you are fired by using speech or offering sex as well. Failure to complete x amount of tasks before the end of your shift and you run the risk of getting a warning.

Serve customers:

Serve customers drinks by asking them what they want remembering the order and telling the bartender/cook the order. Once given take it back to the correct customer. You can take on multiple orders but ensure you remember who wanted what get it wrong and they might have some cruel words if your lucky…(they could just say something mean but also have the chance to force themselves onto the pc or even start attacking the player. They would stop after the pc reaches 10% health before walking away or the player knocks the npc into submission. If a guard is near they would attempt to break up the fight and ask the player questions. Depending in answers or chance the player could be hauled away for a night in the dungeon, fined or given a slap on the wrist.) Don’t take too long to deliver the food and drink either they won’t be happy either. Be the perfect server and you might be given a tip (a few extra gold given straight to your players inventory or offered sex or a sarcastic or mean comment or even a compliment or maybe even duck all).

Clean cups:

A bar only have so many clean mugs around here. The job is simple walk behind the bar and look behind the counter for a mug (placed to use as an activation key). The pc will begin cleaning a mug and once completed a mug a counter (available mugs) will increase by one. If the counter reaches 0 the boss will start complaining about having no clean mugs and will refuse to serve the pc food to serve to customers. This will be a test of managing cleaning while also attempting to make money through serving.

Scrub the floors:

Every now and then this special task will pop up by a message given by the boss. “These floors are getting dirty. Give them a clean.” Or “You! These floor are filthy get on your knees and scrub them I want them shinny!” The player will need to walk around the establishment looking for activation points or dirt on the floor. Upon pressing the activation the pc will get down and begin scrubbing the floors. They will need to repeat this X amount of times depending on how many dirt patches are spawned.


Not everyone is in the tavern to drink and be sociable sometimes things turn a little rough. 2 customers are seen arguing over something and causing a lot of trouble. The player is indicated to these people by an objective marker. The pc must go over and talk to the individuals and try to resolve the situation. They can attempt to throw one or both the individuals out (could turn nasty and into a brawl with the pc), try and persuade them to calm down (use speech) or sex persuasion (have sex with one or both to resolve the solution. Have sex with one and in return they leave or both have sex with pc and the resolve peacefully).

Prostitution (only available in some inns and taverns):

In some of the more run down and not so nice establishments, like the bee and bard in Riften, Prostitution can be an option to some barmaids to make a little extra on top of their wage. By speaking to the boss and asking if they can be a sexworker the boss will ask for the pc preferred sex giving the options of straight, gay or bisexual. After choosing the pc is told to introduce themselves to the customers. A new option will now be available in the conversation menu to have a “barmaid special". If accepted by the customer the pc can pick what sort of sex to have or leave it up to the customer to decide. If the customer accepts the offer the pc will be stripped and would have sex with the customer. Afterwards the pc will be tipped a little amount of money. If the customer declines the pc won’t be able to offer the same customer again for the rest of the shift.

Payment: 10-30 gold an hour depending on what tavern/Inn they are working at.



The wealthy have money and the poor need money but there’s always one thing they have in common dirt and filth everywhere. The wealthy and upper class citizens of Skyrim have decided that enough is enough with their dirty homes, washing and other simple tasks that prevent them from making money. It’s a waste of their valuable money making time! Instead of doing these tasks themselves why not hire a maid to do the jobs for them.

The job is easy clean dirt from the bosses home and ensure their laundry is clean. But the hours are long for jarl maids… 8am to midnight. Standard maids 8am to 6pm

Basic maid:

These maids are hired by anyone who has money. The main responsibilities are:

>Clean the floors of any dirt

(refer to barmaid scrub floor description)

>Clean clothes

(Take a misc. item called dirty laundry from around the home, located with a quest marker, take it to a bucket, which uses an activation to turn the dirty laundry into clean laundry, then place it in a marked container.)

>Serve master/mistress

(If any home owners are home they might have additional tasks for you, such as going to the local market talk to a vendor to collect a package and return it to them or they might ask you a question related to your personal life like if you are single or if you are experienced with sex, which could lead to the home owner making advancements on the player which they could turn down but result with consequences such as being beaten or fired from your job, to asking you pointless questions like which dress to wear the red one or the blue one. They may also ask you to fetch items from around the house for them.

Jarls maid:

Being a maid for a jarl has its perks for sure. Along with the previous responsibilities a jarl maid also has additional roles and consequences. The jarls won’t just allow anyone to be their maids they require a high speech skill and/or previous experience as a maid or barmaid. Jarl maids are also required to wear a maids uniform.

>serve a feast

(An event that can happen is a jarls feast. You will need to collect items and prepare the jarl halls for a feast, collect food for cooks and clean the area in preparation, and then also serve food and drinks to the guests at the feast.)

>Jarl personal assistant

Sometimes the jarl can’t keep their hands off their servants. That includes you. They might demand some alone time with you and escort you to their private chambers where they may ask you to strip naked and dance for them or preform different actions such as masturbate in front of them or perform sexual actions on them or submit to sexual acts being performed on you. Refusing to follow the jarl can enrage them from beating you with their fists to firing you on the spot to even have you thrown in the dungeon for a day before making you return to work.

>Jarls staff and families:

It’s not just the jarls you have to serve but the people that advise and support the jarl as well. Anyone within the jarls council can order you to do any task, previously mentioned. Additionally children can order you to play games such as hide and seek and tag or collect food for them or go to a shop and pick up a toy or package for them. Failure to follow orders from a council member can have the same consequences as defying the jarl and refusing to follow the orders of the children could get your ass spanked by the parents or the jarl themselves.

Failures and warnings:

Failure to complete all given tasks before the time runs out will end up with the pc being given a warning. After 2 warning the pc is punished with a spanking and after a 3rd warning they are fired. Refusing to follow a direct command from a jarl or boss (can be done as a chance) can result in an immediate firing of the pc or given a spanking and a warning. The rich aren’t ones for forgiveness and as a result are not ones to take back warnings.

If the pc fails at a jarl maid they can be subjected to a punishment after every warning. These punishments can be a spanking, whipping, sex with the jarl or member of the jarls Court, or even being sent to the dungeon where they are punished with whipping and other tortures and punishments (mod concept for dungeons in upcoming Sex & Living: Justice systems)

If fired the pc will not be allowed to be hired by the same boss again unless they can persuade them (possible using high speech) to give them a second chance which will result in the pc offering free working for a week and if they succeed the week without getting any warning they can be rehired or offer their body for a random chance of being rehired in return for sex.


25 gold an hour (basic maid)

35 gold an hour (jarl maid)



This job is the first of the illegal jobs and careers the pc can experience. This job is started by being approached or approaching a mysterious stranger called stranger. Stranger doesn’t have a set location and instead travel between the different holds but can typically be found within one of the holds inns and taverns drinking in the corner. Once approached he will make a remark saying the pc ass could certainly hold alot through the gates especially after a little training. The pc can respond with calling him a pervert which will decline the job for now or ask him what does he mean. He will explain he’s a “courier” for “hard to obtain items during the civil War”. He will offer the player money in return for a taster of the sort of work they do. The pc can either accept the offer and take the job or decline and walk away. (The pc can always return and take up the offer.) If accepted the stranger will mark a hidden cache on the map in the rift. (A hidden container inside a tree or a pouch hidden next to some water.) Inside the container will be a item (box/crate) called drugs stache. Once picked up the player will be tasked with transporting the container across skyrim to a location where they hand it over to a “hooded stranger”. The stranger says to be on the lookout for a courier with further instructions before handing the pc money and leaving. After about a day or two the pc will receive a note from the courier saying to meet the stranger at a hideout. When they arrive the pc is ambushed and stripped of all belongings and thrown into a cage naked. They are interrogated by a figure called “torturer” and asked questions like “have you been followed?” “Have you spoken to any guards?” “Did you tell anyone where you were going?” The player will have to answer these questions. Getting one answer wrong will cause the torturer to electric the pc before moving to the next question. After answering all the questions the “stranger” approaches confirming that the pc is alright and can be trusted. He let’s the player out of the cell and apologises for the introduction. He explains the importance of being careful and sneaky before leading the player into a training room. The training room has dummies to practise fighting and special dummies that can be pickpocket when stealth to practice pickpocket. In the far corner is a bed and that’s where the stranger leads the player. He explains that he wasn’t joking about the players ass being useful before offering them an opportunity to join the smugglers guild. The pc can refuse and after confirming they are sure at which point the screen will go dark and the sound of chains can be heard and the pc will awake in a random location naked handcuffed with a note saying you liar. All items will be stripped of the pc apart from the handcuffs and note. The note says the pc had potential and you were just wasting it and wasting my time. Find me again if you want to use your time wisely with us. At this point the pc must relocate the stranger in the taverns. If the pc goes straight back to the hideout they will be captured and stripped again by the torturer and tortured with a whip and sparks before being given the meeting with the stranger again. Once the pc accepts the offer and joins the stranger says her ass needs to be trained telling the pc to get on the bed. The stranger will fuck the pc ass a few times before saying their ass will do. At this point the pc is given a little bag and told to Smuggle it in their ass. By pressing an activation key (assigned in the mcm) they will open an inventory labelled ass. They can then place small items such as the bag or lock pick inside their ass. (Similar to the system in sexlab survival). Once the bag is placed the pc is ordered to deliver the bag to a contact in the ratway in riften. The pc heads there being cautious of guards as if they get to close they might stop the player and ask if something is wrong due to her walking strange. If the pc false to persuade them the guard will force a strip search and will have a small to moderate chance of finding the smuggled item. If the item is found the pc will be arrested and sent to jail failing the quest. Once out they will have to go back to the smugglers hideout and face a “failed smugglers quest.” If the pc succeeds they will have to remove the item and hand it over to the contact before being given 150 gold. Once returned to the smugglers hideout the stranger will explain that nobody knows each others names so if caught they can’t throw the others in the dungeon with them.

Everyone is referee to as their job role and that’s it. He’s called stranger because he’s the leader, there’s also trainer, who can train the pc in being able to hold more stuff inside their ass. Up to a dagger or tanto (from immersive weapons) along with a few lockpicks and a smugglers item, blacksmith, who can create armor and weapons for the pc (mainly stealth style outfits similar to thieves guild armor and clothes that provide extra protection), torturer, who plays a role in the failed smuggler quest, dealer, who is used in the drug quests but can also buy drugs such as skuma from them, and finally 2 smugglers who are also companions, (One male one female) they can be used to help in smugglers runs especially larger runs and jobs. They can hold items in their inventory like a normal follower but also have a special “bend over i need to Smuggle something” option which allows the pc to store something in the companions ass. If possible it would be an idea to be able to take other followers like Lydia or custom modded companions to the trainer and ask the trainer to train them in the “art of smuggling” which will give the option to Smuggle to any companion. Just like the pc all companions including the smugglers must be trained in order to fit bigger items inside. Once the introduction is completed the pc can go to the stranger a request a job. Sometimes they will be given a job to do other times they might be able to pick from different jobs. These jobs include:

Horse back smuggling:

The smugglers are doing a heavy run to heavy to be able to be carrier on foot easily let alone in someone ass. The smugglers have obtained a horse which will carry the items. Go to the location and ride the horse to the destination.

Payment: 250 gold

Drug smuggling (small bag):

The smugglers have a deal with a local drug dealer. The dealer needs you to transport the bag to the client and collect the payment. Once payment has been collect return to the stranger who will give you your cut and sort the rest out.

Payment: 100 gold

Drug smuggling (large box):

The smugglers dealer has a big order and needs it delivering. Only issue is its too big. Its up to the player to take it by hand or on horse back if they have a horse. Guards are guaranteed to find this item if the pc is stopped and searched.

Payment: 200 gold

Cache recovery:

A cache has been stashed somewhere in skyrim. Go to the location and get the cache returning it to stranger.

Payment: 100 gold

Cache abandoned:

A smuggler fucked up. Guards got suspicious and tried to detain the smuggler. Before doing so the smuggler stached the package somewhere in an area and now the guards are looking for it. Stranger has gotten a rough area to search and sends the player into the area to search for the package. Be careful as guards are also searching and roaming the area and they will stop you and ask what you are doing. They will warn you to leave the area and will arrest you if you don’t comply with their instructions. Once the package has been obtained get out of there and return to stranger. If the guards stop you they will search you and if they find the package the quest fails and you are hauled off to the dungeon.

Payment: 150 gold (If package is retrieved)

Slave transport (rare job):

A slaver has gotten in contact with the smuggler requesting help with transporting unusual cargo. A ship has docked just outside dawnstar. Upon arrival the slaver will tell the pc to escort a slave (randomly generated looking slave different each time) to their new master. They give the pc a crop and tell them sometimes the slave needs motivation to keep up. The pc must escort the slave to the location avoiding guards as they will question why a naked and restrained person is being escorted. Guards can either be attempted bribed or persuaded if stopped otherwise you might have to get blood on your hands. The guards don’t take kindly to slave smugglers and will haul your ass off to the dungeon to be their slave while selling on the slave themselves. During the travel a notification will appear telling the pc the slave is slacking behind or the slave looks to be up to something. The pc must hit the slave with either the crop or their fists until the slave submits and promises to carry on. Failure to act might allow the slave might try to run or free themselves and attack the pc or run away free. The pc must chase and beat the slave into submission and attach the restrains back on the slave. After arriving at the location the slave is handed over to the owner and the pc leaves heading back to stranger to get their pay. If the slave breaks free and gets so far away from the player they have escaped and will class as a failed smugglers quest.

Payment: 600 gold

Failed smugglers quest:

This quest triggers when a job is considered failed. You must report back to stranger and tell him about your recent failed job. Angry or calm he punches the pc and handcuffs them calling for the torturer. The torturer comes and takes the player throwing them into a cell. Restrained by a wall mount the pc is left defenceless and naked. The torturer will come into the cell every hour to 2 hours and electrocute the pc before saying “you don’t fail the smugglers” before leaving. This will continue for 12 to 24 hours before the stranger approaches and frees the pc saying “he knows your better than this now get back to work” before handing the pc stuff back.


Guards are a lot more suspicious and on guard than they used to be. Stop and searches outside of towns are a common event especially if it looks like someone is hiding something. Guards might stop the player out in the world and ask what they are doing if they are happy with the response they will allow the pc to move along otherwise they might ask you to step aside and answer some more questions. They will cuff the player and them where they are coming from, where they are going and what they are doing. The pc can either comply and answer honestly, lie, refuse to answer or attempt to persuade the guard. Being honest is the best way with low speech in hope of getting out, attempting to lie and fail could piss off the guard along with refusing to answer. If you are lucky the guard might be horny and accept your persuasion allowing you to go free without continuing their investigation. Even if you are honest they might not be happy with your answers, getting caught in a lie or refusing to answer will lead to the guard continuing their investigation asking the pc to turn around as they are being searched. After being searched if the guard find something stolen or illegal they will place the pc under arrest and will continue to strip search the pc examining their ass for any more smuggled items before hauling you off to the dungeon. Some guards might be assholes, horny or want to see you naked and will strip search you for the fun of it. If nothing is found they will release you and let you carry on about your day.



There are 2 different types of racing available within this mod. Horse and human racing with both having legal and illegal racing options that can take place.

Horse racing:

Legal- For the legal Horse racing you must force own a horse. Once you own one make your way to a stables in skyrim and locate the new npc called race organiser. Speak to them and ask to join a race. You will be given a location to go to with your horse. Once arrived speak to the organiser again and he will tell you to line up with the others. From here there can be between 2 to 5 other racers with you. On go you must race the track, usually around the local city, and will be awarded gold depending on where you finished.

Illegal- The city people believe horse racing should be just for them but the peasants and village people disagree with this. In little towns like riverwood you can find an npc called peasants horse racing. Talk to him and he will organise a race. Sometimes there may not be a race available in which case you will have to return later on. The peasants races also only take place at night. These races are different to the legal ones as these races will take place in forests, around villages and even on the open roads of skyrim away from the big cities. As it is illegal guards are going to want to stop these races. They may ambush the race gathering before the start and arrest you straight away, they could set up ambushes on the roads with archers, who have a new paralysing arrow type for horses to knock you off. If you or your horse get hit.you will go flying off and guards will rush in to arrest you but if you can get up in time you may still have a chance to run. Finally they could ambush the end of the race similar to the start. They will detain whoever they can get and will escort all detained to the nearest jail for the night before deciding to either let them go or charge them will illegal racing. The payout for these races can be random as they are ran by peasants and some peasants might have more money than others to setup these races with however if the jackpot is big it’s going to be big. Instead of gold an item might be offered instead like a piece of armor or a weapon instead.

Human racing:

Legal- Each hold has their own running team (whiterun wolves, Solitude sprinters, etc). You can sign up with any holds team and compete in races against the other teams. Every now and then you might receive offers to join a different team with a little persuasion if you agree to change teams, such as a sum of gold, an item or something else like a pardon if you are wanted in their hold. Each team has an assigned colour. (For example, yellow for solitude, white for winter hold, blue for windhelm, etc). Each racer must wear a latex bodysuit with their teams colours. To sign up and begin racing speak to the npc racing coach. Once signed up the coach will want you to report to him every so often (depends on which coach some may want everyday other Once a week). When you report to the coach he will ask what.you have been doing (you can say you been fighting bandits, running, having sex, nothing and more) and he will respond depending on what your answer was. He might give you a specific training task to do in order to advance your capabilities while running. He might ask you to run a lap or 2 of the city walls, ask you to not get into any fights for a few day, if they are some of the harsher coaches (such as windhelm) they might give you a session using a whip or a crop to give you more encouragement to run while other scummy coaches might pray on you and make you have sex with them or put you out in public to be used by anyone to “increase your stamina". Failure to complete x amount of tasks can face you with being kicked off the team. When ready to race the coach might send a courier to tell you to meet immediately or if you are lucky he might have a race ready when you talk to him. You will travel to different holds and race against the different teams and being rewarded with different amounts of gold depending on where you place in the race.

Illegal- The illegal human racing is a lot more difficult to get involved in. To begin with the racing is primarily only done between bandits and criminals with slaves or prisoners. However, there is a retired bandit resigned in the thieves guild who might be willing to help you enter these races and give you a bit of the prize winning but first he needs some “specific persuasion”. Once you are working together you can talk to him and get told of the new event and if you want to travel together or meet closer to the location. If agree to travel you will telephony to a near by location of the race. If you go alone you will need to arrive at the quest marker within a certain amount of time otherwise you will miss the race. Once at the location you are stripped of everything and handcuffed. You are then escorted to the race starting line and treated like a slave. Once the race is over the old man collects the winnings if you come first otherwise you get nothing and escorts you away from the race before freeing you and giving you your share. Every now and then you can negotiate the shares with him being more acceptable.to taking less if you are winning more. If you begin loosing he might threaten to end your partnership in which you can offer him a bigger cut and or sex to persuade him to carry on. Similar to the illegal horse racing the guards can interrupt the race and arrest everyone there leading to everyone being escorted to the nearest prison for the night before either being let go or charged with illegal racing.


Shop assistant:

This is another legal shift work job. Due to the demand in trade across the whole of skyrim merchants and shops are crying out for aid a but not in the sword or magic type of help. They need assistants that can help run the shop from open to close (8am to 8pm). The job might be long hours but there’s nothing like being apart of your local trade source. The job involves:

>Serving customers

A customer will enter the shop and tell the player what they want and the player will respond with the price for the order. The npc can either accept the price and hand over the gold, refuse the price saying its too much where the pc can attempt to barter or let them leave, or they might barter with the pc or offer sex in return for a discount.

>Taking special orders

Sometimes the shops won't always have everything someone needs. Who would order a daedric sword from belethor? These orders may take a few days to arrive and payment upfront. Some customers might accept and pay in advance, others might only want to pay partial while others may refuse to pay in advance full stop. How you deal with this is up to you and the store policy. Once payment has or hasn’t been received inform of the shopkeeper about the order and they will organise getting it to the store.

>Received special order

After a few days all the special orders will arrive and be held in a chest called special orders. The npcs who ordered the special orders will return over the next few days to collect the items they ordered. They will arrive and tell you what they ordered and you must get the item from the chest and sort out any outstanding debts for the order. You can make them pay, let it go, or offer to pay the debt in return for sex.

>Break in over night (special event)

Oh no someone broke into the store overnight and ransacked the place! Quick get a guard and report the crime. Once you have gotten a guard return to the store where an investigation will take place. You will have to answer questions about if you saw anyone suspicious the day before(hooded characters might enter the shop and ask questions without buying anything but it might not always mean robbery), what you were doing last night along with other questions. The shop will be closed for the rest of the day allowing you to do whatever you want for the rest of the day but you are to report back to the shop at opening time tomorrow (even if it is your day off) to get the findings on the investigation. When at the findings the guard can say they got the criminal and the goods will be returned, they were unable to find the criminal and the goods were lost, or the guards can accuse you of the robbery and arrest you. You can accept the false accusations or try to fight it. They will ask where the stolen goods are and obviously you don't know (unless you did hire the thief check services for more details) before being fired and hauled off to the dungeon


You can be fired from your job by making the shop loose money, buy selling alot of stuff at discounted or free, or being accused of robbing the place. Apart from that no one cares as long as money is made.

Payment: 25 gold an hour

Jailer assistant:

The head jailer can never have too many assistants especially when the last assistant couldn’t hold their lunch in their stomach. The job consists of punishing prisoners and ensuring everything is in check. The job includes:

>Check in new prisoners

There’s a new prisoner that has been sent down to the dungeon. Greet the guard and prisoner at the entrance. You will be told the crime and sentence they have been sent for. You must strip search the prisoner ensuring they don’t have anything on them (scripted/cutscene) if something is found you get a notification and can decide to turn a blind eye or report the smuggled item to the head jailer. Once searched you must escort the prisoner to their new home and release them of their restraints.

>Prisoner punishment

A prisoner has been selected for a punishment. The jailer informs you have the selected punishment (whipping in cell, parade, public stocks, nonlethal crucifixion or anal cell fucking). Its your job to carry out the punishment on the selected prisoner.

>Prisoner execution

The fate of a prisoner has been decided. They will die. As punishment of a crime, corruption, entertainment or a warning to other criminal. Its your job to prepare them for their demise. You must inform the prisoner they are going to die. Take their final request (food, water, a way out or sex.) You can either deny their request or speak to the jailer if the prisoner wanted food or water (which the jailer can deny and the prisoner will go without either way), you can provide sex and give them their request. When it comes to helping them escape this can happen at multiple times. You can “accidently” leave the door unlocked allowing the prisoner to attempt an escape but will be hunted down by guards and you will be sent after them as well, during the walk from the dungeon to the execution point you can undo the restraints and let them run (you can also kill the prisoner yourself and report back saying you let them go or they attempted.to escape and you had to put them down) or finally at the execution point you can free them in front of everyone. You will be guaranteed to be either killed or arrested by doing this.) If you admit to purposefully allowing the prisoner an escape attempt you will be fired and arrested. If you say it was an accident you might get fired, fired and arrested or just given a warning. The prisoner could be hung, crucified, archer firing squad or beheading depending on which city you and the prisoner are in.

>Attempt prison break

The prisoners have gotten an upper hand on the dungeon guards and have broken free. You are sent into the dungeon to detain or kill the prisoners and free the captured guards. You can either kill or knock out all the prisoners or be beaten yourself/surrender to the prisoners. The prisoners will take you hostage detaining you with your own equipment and throwing you into a cell along with other guards. The prisoners will hold you hostage until the jailer or jarl comes and negotiates. In the mean time prepare to be a cum bucket and a punching bag for the prisoners. Every few hours the jailer will arrive and give the prisoners a chance to surrender with their lives. It is up to chance if they accept otherwise they will walk away and use the pc or another hostage as an example (fuck or beat). After about 24 hours if the situation has not been resolved the prisoners will begin killing hostages every hour until they are let go freely. The pc will always be the last hostage killed. The jailer and the jarl have as much time as hostage left to resolve the situation. The city guard can ambush and kill the prisoners (hostages might get caught in the crossfire) or free the prisoners allowing them to escape. The pc can be killed if they are the final hostage and the chance of an end has not been successful they will be killed by having their throat slit or stabbed through the back with a sword. The pc can attempt to escape their restraints and if lucky they will need to fight unarmed against the prisoners. If the guards are nearby they will break in and aid the pc in the attack. If the pc is beaten without the guards helping the attack they will be restrained again and beaten before being moved into a locked cell allowing an escape to not be possible again.

My other mod ideas and thank you:

Sex and living: jobs is the first mod I decided to write out in full with my ideas and concepts for the mod. Sex and living ideally would be a series of mods that would change a lot of skyrims living features adding and changing features to make the game more of a roleplaying as an npc/citizen and being a sort of living simulator. Changes and adding to things like:

Jobs - Sex & Living: Jobs

Justice system - Sex & Living: Law and order

A new prison - Sex & Living: Hard Rock prison

Civil war - Sex & Living: Civil war life and Rise of the civil war (create your own faction)

Spouses and marriage - Sex & Living: Married

and more.

I might write up these concepts just so people can have a read of my ideas but it would be amazing to find a creator or team of creators who would bring these to life. The skyrim modding communities have never failed to surprise me with such creative and unique mods.

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1 hour ago, Koozie said:

Hi I liked concept of this, can I use some of your ideas in mod devious Adventures? Also I'm interested in reading your another concept.

Hi thanks for your response. You are more than welcome to use my ideas in devious adventures. I am a big fan of your work. I have finished the concept law and order and been working on hard Rock prison but not finished. Is there any specific concept you like the sound of I can get it written up in a day or so? I I can post the law and order concept in the morning (I'm from the uk). Again thank you so much for your response 

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I don't have any specific concept which I want, I only want to read it and get ideas for new possibly features to mod. In one of goal was to make devious Adventures similar to your idea on sex living mod with expanding dungeon adventuress and quests 

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