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What happened to fusion girl?

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3 hours ago, mikehunttg said:

The link for FusionGirl now routes you to an external site that tries to trick you into installing Flash, so I suspect that the link is hacked.


The link works fine, it hasn't been hacked.  Unfortunately if you visit the site without an ad blocker there is a misleading download button.  Perhaps that should be reported to the LoversLab Moderators for evaluation.  The moderator I spoke with does not see any problem with the download site as these are advertisements and you don't have to do anything apart from what the directions say.

I would recommend using Ublock Origin for visiting any site you don't trust (or really all sites, but if you want to support a site it's easy to turn off on a site by site basis).


See the screen shot here, be sure to click on the Orange Oval at the bottom to "Create Download Link" and NOT the button I've put an X through.






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Made the picture better, clarification
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