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A mod to remove snow/ice from caves?

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Hey, folks!

I know there are several mods out there to remove the snow and make a spring or a summer in Skyrim. The thing is - they do it just outside. Whenever I enter some cave in a nothern region - there is snow on a floor and all the walls are all icy.

Does anyone here knows of a mod to make it warmer inside the interiors?

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More than a mod, you could do an experiment:
With BSA Browser, extract the BSA Skyrim textures apart, open the textures \ landscape folder. get a DDS (e.g. fieldgrass01)
and paste it in Skyrim \ data \ textures \ dungeons \ caves. Rename the DDS as icefrozen02. If you are missing this folder, generate it. Theoretically, it should overwrite the ice without the help of other mods. Thus, it will still be on all caves containing ice

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