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Help to create a new brothel mod


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I'm looking for help to create a new brothel mod that is on my mind since a while now.

I've already made a draft of the general idea and some advanced concepts. I also created some very simple mods for Rimworld before but I understand next to nothing about C#.

I know that RJW already have a working brothel in it but I'm looking for something different. My mod will be much much simpler and closer to vanilla, and, most of all, without the sexual need or other things you can't deactivate in RJW that heavily change the gameplay.

I searched and didn't find another brothel/prostitution mod other than RJW.

To talk about this new mod: The objective is to create a brothel management of sort within Rimworld. The upside will be a mood boost for most of the colonists plus an income for the colony, and the downside will be a new job to work and a mood decrease for some of the colonists. There will be exceptions to those base rules.

Unlike RJW, the need to find a sex worker will come from the recreational need, with an added source of recreation. When a colonist has this new recreational need, he'll go to a pre-selected brothel bed and wait. A worker will then do the job. The principle is very close to other jobs like performing a medical operation.

Of course, it's only the base functionality of the mod and I planned to add more interesting features.

I'm looking either for people to help me develop the C# code or for someone to develop the code pro bono. I hope I'm asking on the right place. I'm reluctant to ask help on the Ludeon forums about this type of mod.

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I kindly bump this thread to the top in case someone's interesseted to help.


On 8/16/2021 at 1:00 AM, ghostfalll said:

If you run RJW and Hospitality mod, basically the same thing.  But not literally the same thing.


You can't deactivate some major features of RJW (like the sex need) and Hospitality.

What I want is a much simpler mod closer to vanilla gameplay.

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