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  1. Cool, thanks for entertaining my curiosity. Would be cool to add some culture difference checks, but if Paradox doesn't have code to handle that, nothing you can do!
  2. Cool. Was at least partially asking because I was curious how much of the makeup of the skeletal weighting system (rig) is tied to the gene system; put another way, do genes affect weights in skeletal system, or just generate different skeletal lengths (or both)? Obviously some is already likely, but curious if your mod allows not only for large saggy breasts and small perky breasts, but also occasionally small saggy breasts and large perky ones. After all, a significant portion of the game is essentially devoted to inbreeding a hemophiliac vampire, so mine better be stacked!
  3. I actually agree that entertainment (ie, positive temp bonus) is an entirely valid reaction in lieu of annoyance. Asexuality is kind of maybe not the best example, but frigidity isn't a trait, so whatever. Just figure that this mod's use of the party code doesn't proc for asexuals (unclear how in interacts with RJW's code that measures privacy of sex act), but if an asexual wandered through the area with the gather spot during the orgy (since not just fully random location), some reaction would be more realistic. Whether the reaction is randomized is less of an issue.
  4. Again, if the following has already been discussed and I missed it, forgive me. In any case, does this mod take character "exoticness" and/or cultural differences into account when seeding attraction values? I'm not referring to just East Asian, just trying to determine whether geographic distance from character birth place or cultural capital affects a character's attraction value (and also how this relates to desire value). Put another way, does normally someone born far away or possessing some distant culture identity increase their attractiveness stat depending on geographic location, o
  5. Since you said this mod is basically a framework for further animation, I have a few questions relating to the above quoted section (forgive me if you have already answered the following, not reading 10 pages and still missing it). Do the animations from this mod (and/or vanilla CK3) use a skeletal weights system that is attached to the character model? When you say your mod affects "breast height" to better/more accurately capture gravity, does it also affect some underlying skeletal system? I ask not only to clarify how your mod affects breast saggage vs character age (which is
  6. Dunno, one would think that asexual pawns would still get annoyed if they wandered through the orgy, but whatever. As for adding social fight to rape mechanic, the only issue that I can really foresee is that social fights in Rimworld don't really seem to generate a "winner," pawns just fight for some period of time. So I guess some sort of gating fork would be necessary to determine when the rapist "wins," vs when the victim fights the rapist off and how certain traits might affect this calculation (and also maybe some necessary opinion thoughts, like +6 mood since "I'm a BAMF" f
  7. RJW 4.6.7 apparently had some issues (animation and otherwise) and has already been updated to, has this mod been updated for compatibility?
  8. Actually, newest RJW version (4.6.7) changes how RJW mod handles beatings for rapes, so dunno if this would make linking beatings to social fights easier or harder (or finally makes linking possible now). Still curious to hear how this would affect this mod, since realism demands that sometimes people might get rapey at an orgy (especially if orgy occurrence affects libido/sex need stat, so pawns keep having sex until the orgy ends, even if some partners are less willing or don't want to eiffel tower or something).
  9. There's already a new, prolly related to that disclaimer like 4 posts above you stating that 4.6.7 was bugged. Also, since 4.6.7 removed "sex ability" from all calculations (which prolly also removed a bunch of checks), does this mean that "sex ability" has been dropped entirely or just reworked? Mostly just curious because pretty sure the "sex ability" stat partially effected monetary returns from whoring, so therefore curious what now instead affects whoring returns (ie, just xp/amount of sex had and beauty levels, or just purely whoring experience)?
  10. I can't find anything in this mod's FAQ or info regarding whether alcohol/drugs interacts with the vulnerability stat, so I guess I just have to ask whether RJW adds modifiers to vulnerability depending on whether a pawn is drunk, stoned, etc. (even just unconscious)? I understand that linking so much to vulnerability stat might add too many checks, but seems kind of a no brainer that a drunk pawn is considered more vulnerable than a sober pawn (date/acquaintance rape definitely a thing). Plus, potentially hard to have other mod drugs to also affect vulnerability, so just wondering about whe
  11. On a related note, does this event add any specific temporary or permanent social opinion thoughts (besides vanilla generic "I attended a party")? I'm assuming getting laid during the orgy would at least give RJW's "got some lovin" thought, but was curious whether this mod adds any specific temporary or permanent opinion thoughts (ie, something like "I attended orgy with xxxxxx," so gives permanent +3 opinion bonus between two pawns, or that asexual/frigid pawns get temporarily annoyed if they wander through the orgy). If not, can such a feature be added? Or would it possibly res
  12. Dunno if vulnerability takes these parameters into account (would be cool, but prolly not worth adding more checks). But rape should include a social fight element. Masochists won't mind...
  13. NEW PATCH OUT! So like another 2 years before 1.0 release... but in any case, prolly time to start rolling this mod and/or the Boobsector mod into a more complex and in-depth mod. Or maybe just a new mod entirely... although making it so this mod occasionally shows a pole dancer image at bars rather than completely replace images would be dope. Nexelrin mod adds a high value prisoner commodity, might want to look into combining that with the new marine xp code and make a dynamic range of whores to stable in a colony building whorehouse (the DIY planets mod adds a bunch of colony
  14. Interesting, I guess maybe that's what happened? Still, until someone with better C# knowledge than I explores how this mod interacts with the pawnmorpher mod, gonna chalk it up to a mod interaction issue.
  15. And yet, didn't use prepare carefully, this was a pawn generated by game world, merchant if I remember correctly. But Ed pointed out right after you that there are certain instances where part sizes automatically change size due to bodysize change or whatever, prolly that. Someone will likely figure it out eventually...
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