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CBBE Muscle body normalmaps (option 2)

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CBBE Muscle body normalmaps (option 2)

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I like to play with muscled warriors characters so i decide to make my own wersion of muscle body for my characters. Its not better then others, its just my taste :)


This is option 2 muscle normalmaps for classic CBBE SE body. Normals baked from hi poly sculpting model in Substains Painter. Some details was added in photoshop. Looks best with light mods and ENB (in my case on screenshots you can see this normalmaps with The Truth ENB and ELFX)


For feets and hands details was used classic CBBE normalmap from Osnius CBBE install Package.


Normalmaps resolution - 4k. Compressing ARGB 8888.


About LE compability: this is only texture files pack so i think it will work on LE. I dotn compress them to BC7.




You can do anything you whant with this files: mke any options and impruvements, use this files in your own mods etc. Just credit me.

There id only one limitation: DO NOT REUPLOAD THIS MOD anywhere without my permission.




My big thanks to Osnius and Caliente for base body normalmap (used for transferyng feets and hands details)


CBBE Muscle body normalmaps (option 1)

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    Skyrim, CBBE SE
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