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  1. If anyone wants to use my meshes or textures (from mod description page) For LE you will need just reexport meshes from 3ds max in LE format.
  2. For Skyrim SE there are ~ 4 futa thongs variants for CBBE and EvilReflex hi poly addon. But not for LE.
  3. Yes. But i must remake futa milker part bekause of huhe problems with body sliders adaptation. It takes some time for a new model idea. I can find the futa thong variants in-game? >I can find the futa thong variants in-game? Only for uunp body in LE wersion as i remember. You can craft them or use AddItem menu mod.
  4. Show me screenchots of problematic parts please, and yes you can do and post on LL anything you want for this mod.
  5. Yep. This is what im asking for. Thanks for screenshots. Ok i will try to understand where the problem can be. I think it is in some shader settings but... Will see.
  6. Top and thongs concepts. This is only concept for now (without additional details). Main goal - create base meshes. Nexts stage will be adding metal parts and some surface details like seams etc.
  7. Honestly, Evil's works are prefered for me in this question. He does a really great job. I made futa support for B3lisaro's UNP in UUNP wersion for LE.
  8. So what the best futa meshes for CBBE? I mean SOS meshes.
  9. Of course its not contain them. You need second archive with BS files for build ingame meshes. Sorry but LL has limitation on 250mb for one file so i must create second archive for BS files. CBBE pack has no futa parts because for now they maded only for UUNP.
  10. Latex mask on screenshots supports all head and face sliders so it will be fit to your character face perfectly. At last i finde out how to do this.
  11. Ok, thanks. Im waiting for your testing results. Unfortunatly i cant reproduce this bug with futa thongs on my side.
  12. At last i turn back to one my old idea - latex armor for my girl. Latex sounds weird in Skyrim so i deside to call it Black glass armor. This will be big pack of different latex elements. Of course this pack will support futa characters and I would like to make (or rather have already done) latex masks with full support. I just started working on this mod but I can already show you something. Screenshots (Skyrin SE with Truth ENB):
  13. More specific: which one of futa thongs? All? SOS settings for armor set correctly? You have DD installed? Then check hided parts and slots LE futa thongs SE Futa thongs About boots on LE. My bad Fix in attached files. NiOverride version. BootsFIX.7z
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