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  1. Yes and i already working on this project. Soon i will release my first attempt
  2. May be you right but honestly im not waiting TES6. I dont think we will have something good from microsoft hands. Hope im wrong.
  3. Thank you! This body is DAZ 3D Genesis 8 female body. Its not something from Skyrim. Now i have almost finished port of this body for Skyrim but honestly i don have any motivation to release this project for next reasons 1. Expensive licenses (i will need DAZ interactive licenses for public release) and materials (like new body textures pack) cost 2. Low interest from community 3. Hell amount of work with even vanilla armors conversions for new body. But main problem is time. May be later, or if this project will have interest and give me good patreon support then yes. But not now. Sorry.
  4. Ammm... sorry but i dont understood what do you mean, can you explaine?🙃
  5. All is need is to change cock mesh from Vivi's mod to this one but it has no sence. If you mean to make those cock cages sutable for this addon and SOS suport - technicaly yes but i dont think i will have permission for this. Some time ago i already asked for permission but answer was - no Besides of all i have plans to make my own armors of this type.
  6. Final design of first statue - "Futa Champion" Materials: marble with silver venis, bronze, gold. Hope i can reach the same view of the statue in Skyrim...
  7. I tend or try too use this for my Succubus  😈

    1. m4mk203


      Yep, must bee good 😎

  8. First experiments with statues. Textures are shitty. Just to try it in game.
  9. Polygons mesh and textures are only technical moment. Simple routine. Nothing more.
  10. Male conversion is not a problem at all. But! For good result i need BodySlide project for male body. Not just two nifs body_0 and body_1. There is no problem to create male body BS project with only one slider - weight. I dont think it will cause any troubles with males armors. In fact its only question of time and motivation.
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