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  1. Thank you all. Working now on other parts concepts. This set will have a lot of armor parts. Like Latex Witch.
  2. First tests of meshes with materials
  3. Tests of clear meshes (without textures) in game
  4. Thank you. Skin - COtR CBBE body textures Preset - my own CBBE preset Normalmaps - my WIP normals for muscular female.
  5. Just another one idea. Heavy armor for necromancer warrior: bones, sculls. leather, chains... Helmet base model: On head
  6. Ok no problem i will check this. Looks like this really can be a skinning problem. But for best results can you send my your body BS settings template? This will be much more helpfull then any video or scrinshots. Sorry I'm not a pro in modeling. Just learning
  7. Yep. This is a wery problematic area because of very different breasts dimensions and slider things like breasts cleavage. I dont think i can do something better then it is now.
  8. Mega download link for full mod added in Download section
  9. Anotherone problem... Looks like im dumb Situation: Player character and two lockable plugs: anal and vaginal. So in sex scene constructing process i will need to filter animations according to next situations: 1. No plugs - any animation is good 2. Only anal plug. All animations exept anal 3. Only vaginal plug - all animations exept vaginal. 4. Both plugs - all animations exept anal and vaginal (in ideal case oral only). Im Trying to solve this througt combining tags and countertags but still have mess with fisting, pillory and other "wro
  10. Thanks for reply. "Out of curiosity, is there a reason you don't want to use CF?" 1. SLA as hard requirement. Im not use it 2. I dont need aroused shlongs on all what moves in Skyrim. Only for Falmers, Draugrs, Reeklengs, Trolls and only in sex scenes. 3. SLA + CF + MNC + .... Too much functionality that i dont need for this option in the mod. 4. "as CF is quite old and a bit buggy" Yep. Especially on SE.
  11. Сижу там же и под тем же ником. Только акк другой. Старый сдох недавно.
  12. As option for your shlong trouble Just as example: 1. Quest - Start Game Enabled 2. Your NPC as alias. 3.In quest script OnInit() and In alias script OnPlayerLoadGame() Function like this function ShlongingNPCDremora() if SOS_API.Get().IsSchlonged(RaperDaedra) == true ;debug.notification("DAEDRA SHLONGED") elseif SOS_API.Get().IsSchlonged(RaperDaedra) == false ;debug.notification("NPC NOT SHLONGED") form curr_shlong = SOS_API.Get().FindSchlongByName("ERF F
  13. I never work with creatures before so.. Problem: In my mod i need to provide sex scenes between Falmers, Draugrs, Reeklengs, Trolls and female PC. Thats all. Just sex scenes without any arousal effects on creatures. I dont need MNC or creature framework or SLA (i have my own arousing system). Is it possible without MNC / CF/ SLA ? And if yes then what stuff i will need for this? (shlongs for creatures, sexlab settings etc)
  14. Неа. Я уже озверел от ЛЕ. На все мои моды такие же открытые разрешения как и у Нишетанаки. Делайте все, что нравится, испрользуйте в своих модах мои меши и текстуры. Ограничений всего два: 1. Если мод выложен здесь то никуда его не перезаливать (свои конверсии, адаптации и дополнения можете) 2. Если используете что-то мое, то просто упомяните в титрах Это все. Так что да, делай под ЛЕ и выкладывай от себя где хочешь.
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