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Essential Stripper Gear?

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I have a suggestion I'd like to make of you good folk. One of my favourite mods is Stripper as it provides a little light relief from time to time from some of the more intensive mods I play.

I'm simply asking that you share your favourite 4 Piece costumery that might be deemed appropriate and sexy for a stripper to wear for her act , albeit briefly. I say 4 piece to include shoes, gloves, top, skirt (or similar) and possibly a hood with perhaps cloak attatched (or hat).

So what do you say folks - Will it be a tasteful peel or the "Dance of the Seven Army Blankets?"

I leave this with you now,

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Thanks you two.

Heads up Dreamer102 your drooling all over the seat! I'll have to wipe it down with my hanky. (apologies to Viv Stanshall).

Seriously Dreamer, I don't know that one -I'd be interested to see it - can't seem to find right now.

I see what you mean about the Elven Princess. I had also considered the Princess Laia slave mod - but... I have in mind something that I simply haven't found yet, if it indeed exists. A strip should be the slow revelation of what we all know is there... It should be like unwrapping a present with the wrapping being attractive as well, yet obscuring the final result. Something like swathes of cloth slowly drifting away to reveal loads of goosebumps... er... no... attractive woman flesh I mean.

I'm also hoping we'll all get a bit of a laugh out of this too.

Any ideas?

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It was on the Nexus site but is no longer there. I know its still around. I'll have a look for you.

Loogie - found it!




If you want to add a bit of spice to the game. Run it with LandE but you'll need to get your timing right. Grab the money, get your toon's clothe back on.. and... run away very fast.

Atually, on its own, its a refreshing change of pace and an easy way for your toon to supplement his/her income. And it's a good laugh. Something about a seriously heavily armoured toon peeling for dosh appeals to my sense of humour. Like i posted earlier, I'm interested in what others make their toons wear for the shows. I'm also looking for something that would, in my opinion, work best with this mod. Not found anything yet, so I thought I'd open it to the floor, as it were...

Enjoy the mod, loogie


oops use this instead:


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The Dances get better as you learn new ones. Don't think it was ever made with lovers in mind. Its creator made it for his own amusement and then decided to share it. Nexus chucked it for reasons known only to them.

I suppose it could bear some development. But I, and many here are quite happy with it as it is.

Like I said - light relief. You might notice a slight disposition improvement between your toon and NPC audience. You'll also note that many guards turn up for a free show. Once they watch your toon dance it's difficult to get arrested for petty crimes. If you need to get into jail for any reason in a place your toon has danced in front to guards, you'll need to up the crime ante a fair bit, or hack off a guard outside the city maybe.

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If you look at variious load orders that folk post up on this forum, you'll see Stripper in a lot of 'em. I reckon there's a kind of low-key fan club here. Your toon will soon rise up the ranks. You might also note why I started this thread in the first place. So, Loogie, got any ideas for an ideal stripper kit?

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The Dances get better as you learn new ones. Don't think it was ever made with lovers in mind. SNIP


I actually modded the Stripper mod and had it working with Lovers at one point. At the end of your dance when you'd talk to the guys there was like a 50/50 chance that they'd pay you for dancing or rape you and pay you after. I had a bunch of dialogue that went with it as well, but since most of the scripts were copy/pastes it had some bugs I needed to work out of it. I think I was using AdultPlay for some of the scripts if I remember correctly. I'd have to start from scratch again though since at some point I accidentally overwrote my modified ESP.

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Sounds interesting Xiro. I simply ran the mod alongside LandE which meant i had to make my toon grab as much money as possible and then high tail it out of town asap. My timing wasn't always perfect.... Originally had Lovers stupid running as well which also interacted interestingly. The whole cult immediately proclaimed they were enslaved to my toon after one dance. And Molly could become a perfect pest by inturruption money collection with my toon having stripped for nothing and getting rogered senseless into the bargain.

If you "dress" your toon before collecting, btw, less of the audience will actually pay up.

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I know this is a little off topic, so I'm sorry, but what the hell does LandLE even do? I had it going a few weeks ago and all it did was give my character some small idol and then she got stuck in a rape loop.


As for stripper clothes? I like using the Eri Ring set paired with yoru favorite pumps and long gloves.

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TY Kodiak,

LandE is very like Joburg only without the fine tuning. You can easily customise Joburg. LandE also has a "bad end" to it which was experimental and does not seem to have been properly implemented. I don't use it any more myself though it still has its fans.

Cheers for the clothing info, can you drop me a link or two please?

I hadn't mentioned that I myself use Dark Mistress for stripper. Though I'm quite bored with it now.

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Here you go.



I'd rather keep it in house because I really can't remember where the hell I got it from myself.


Manga Body - H and A cups. Full BBB. Each ring set comes in an upper and lower body slot. Mixed light and heavy armor ratings though some tend to be a tad heavy.


Hoping I'm not breaking any rules by posting. If i am...allow me to grovel now....

Please don't ban meeeeeeeee.... I so sorry  :'(


If its legit... enjoy!

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