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Need help with using bodies that have multiple/separate meshes/shapes as reference in Outfit Studio.

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Hello there,


I've only just dipped my toe into some "real deep" modding with Skyrim LE so, apologies in advance if it's a stupid mistake.


Where it started:

Now, I made a switch to UNP from CBBE just to experiment. I took Bazinga's Naturalistic HDT Xml's and got interested in using the included Chinese UUNP body. Some HDT Physics weren't exactly to my liking so I reweighted it a bit and got a pretty decent body. Then I took the Remodeled Vanilla Armour for UNP HDT bodyslide mod and well, of course it doesn't use my custom body as the base mesh which shouldn't be a big deal but I really want that so, I'd like to "update" the reference body of those outfits from UNP to my customized Chinese UUNP.

Context for the Issue:

The Chinese UUNP body has separate Vagina meshes consisting of two other meshes besides the base body. When I load the outfit and then go to load the reference, it only lets me choose one from the three meshes. Obviously, without the meshes, now there's just an empty void where the Vagina should be.

To try getting around this, I tried loading the outfit > then loading the reference > then importing the nif file of the Chinese UUNP body (containing the three meshes : body and other two vagina meshes) then deleting the extra body and keeping only the two other meshes. Now I have the Outfit, the custom body and the Vagina meshes. Then, I import the osd of the Chinese UUNP body which adds morphs to the three shapes (body + vag meshes). Now I do some other stuff like adding back Zap Sliders and Copying The repainted bone weights and then save the project.



Here's the problem. Now, when I go on to bodyslide and select the outfit I just converted, on the preview, the sliders affect the base body and the outfit, all fine and dandy until I look at the Vagina mesh and it stays still, doesn't move at all. In outfit studio though, everything seems fine. The sliders affect the shapes like they should.


I tried a few other combinations of doing certain things and not doing certain things, like selecting the Vag meshes and conforming them to the sliders, conforming all (OS crashes :P), not importing the osd file at all (sliders don't affect base body anymore), etc except for, obviously, the thing that'll prevent this issue from happening and I can finally get a good night's sleep. I've gotten stuck on a good amount of things on this switch to UNP and i've been fixing them by heavily depending on luck to have things just click into place. It's 2 a.m now for me now and I have given up to come here and ask for help :")) i've ruined my sleep schedule...


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My apologies again..


Here are the versions of the utilities:

SKSE - 1.7.3

Body Slide and Outfit Studio - 5.4.1

Mod Organiser 2 - 2.4.2


If any other versions of other utilities or any kind of logs are needed, I will provide. I just don't know what else information to give so, please let me know.

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1. Create a new mod folder


2. Open your body project and save it as MYUUNP


3. Create folders





4. Create RefTemplates file MYUUNP.xml

<!-- Reference templates are shortcuts to loading a slider set as a reference in Outfit Studio -->
    <Template sourcefile="SliderSets\MYUUNP.xml" set="MYUUNP" shape="UUNP">MYUUNP</Template>


5. Copy your new sliderset from overwrite to SliderSets


6. Rename the MYUUNP.osp to xml


7. Copy your new Shape data folder from overwrite to ShapeData


Hope it helps


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Okay, I did the steps mentioned above and tl;dr, it worked! Thanks a lot :)))).


Now, there were a few issues which i'll mention and how I got around those:

  1. I created the RefTemplate file and found MYUUNP as a template on the drop down list. Upon loading the reference though, it gave me an error saying it "couldn't load the slider set file MYUUNP.xml". My slidersets folder had an osp instead of an xml so I changed it in the RefTemplate file and it worked. (Is it supposed to be an xml or is osp alright?)
  2. I had to do the whole "loading the body" process (Step 2 in above post) in a specific way or else I'd have the same issue where the outfit's shape changes with sliders but the base body's doesn't. I'll write down the specific steps I followed below. Check the spoiler.

This explains the way I did "Step 2. Open your body project and save it as MYUUNP" on the above post. Other steps were followed as mentioned.

Preparing the body:

  1. In Outfit Studio > File > New Project.
  2. Select from file then browse > Select the " .nif " file of the body from the ShapeData folder.
  3. On the Shape dropdown, select the base body mesh (UUNP e.g.) > Next > Finish. There should only be the body mesh but that's fine.
  4. Slider > Import OSD > choose the osd of the nif body file selected in step 2.
  5. (EDIT) I later realised that the body itself, when nude, didn't have the vag meshes so, Load Project > Select the body osp. Then > Import > From Nifs > import the vagina meshes > select the meshes > conform selected.
  6. File > Save Project as > Give it a name. (e.g MYUUNP) > To Project. Make sure Output File Name and Data Path are correct and Copy reference is checked.
  7. Save.

How I finally got it to work:

  1. Load project > then select the outfit.
  2. Load template > then select the body (The MYUUNP e.g) (The Shape dropdown should only have the base body now)
  3. Import > From Nifs > then import the vagina meshes. (I created a nif file with only the two Vag meshes which had no sliders, idk if that affects it or not). Now I have the outfit mesh(es), the base body mesh and the two Vagina meshes.
  4. Select the two Vag meshes and then Sliders > Conform selected.
  5. Then I add the Zap Sliders for the outfit and Copy some Bone weights and save the file. Check it in body slide and it works! Then repeat the same for every outfit.

It works but it feels like I'm doing it amateurly and there should be a faster and more efficient way of doing this. Do please let me know if there is. Doing all these steps for a bjillion outfits adds up over time. Apologies for making it rather long where I could've just said it works and ended it there. I mainly wanted this to be "tutorial" like, just in case I forget how to do this in the future or for anyone else getting stuck like me. Anyways, Thanks again Swe-DivX.

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