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Is Improved Follower Dialogue - Lydia compatible with SexLab mods such as Spouses Enhanced?

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I'm asking this cause I was planning to use this mod on a future character, but I'm also loathe to remove Spouses Enhanced or similar mods from my load order for obvious reasons.


Does anyone know if it will still work with the Lydia mod installed since Lydia now has a custom voice? Or do I need to find another option?

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Per the mod description for Spouses Enhanced: (Assuming the one I linked is the exact mod you are referring to)

Fuz Ro D-oh (only required if your spouse uses a custom voice-type)


I'm going to take a wild guess and say... Probably Maybe?  As long as you have Fus Ro D-oh, which if you are not already aware basically takes dialogue lines and simply places them on the screen as if the character is saying them but without an audio voice.  The only issue I could forsee might be if the Lydia mod you are looking at does any blocking of another mods dialogue options.  So maybe place Spouses Enhanced to load after the Lydia mod?  You could also click the Get Help button on the Loverslab download page for Spouses Enhanced and read through the support thread to see if you can get any clearer picture on whether they would work together.


If you do try them together and get them working, please try and come back and update this thread as to if they do work for anyone else that finds this in the future :)


Edit: I had a look at a few of the posts on that support thread, and it looks like the mods working together may also hinge on whether the mod author of the Lydia mod placed the dialogue in the right places, among a couple of other things that I hadn't thought of.  You may want to also bring it up on that thread just in case someone has already tried it and is following the thread.

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