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Taimanin Yukikaze Outfit for SE (CBBE SMP 3BBB)

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Taimanin Yukikaze Outfit for SE (CBBE SMP 3BBB)



This is a conversion of Shuubaru's Yukikaze mod for DOA,



If anyone interested in converting this mod to LE/BHUNP, please dm me




WARNING : I have done what I could but still this mod has noticable flaws, So expect it to be shit.









Description :



This Mod adds three sets of Bodysuits, One with Bodysliders, the default zero slider and last Queen sized,


Both Default and Queen don't have bodysliders,


Each set has a *revealing* version of them













Requirements :


1. Racemenu (for heel height adjustment)


3. CBBE SMP 3BBB (for bodysuits)

4. Heel sounds (Optional)




How to Install :


Install it like any MO2 mod





How to Use :


Use add Items Menu to add outfits from "Yukikaze.esp",


If you know how to use Bodyslider, build your custom version,


If you don't, there's already a prebuilt version so no worries.





Credits :


Shuubaru (Deviant Artist) for letting me use his files









Thank you for downloading the mod






  • Submitter
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  • Category
  • Requires
    Racemenu, HDT SMP, CBBE 3BBB, Heel sounds (optional)
  • Regular Edition Compatible


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