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(Request/Idea/Commission) Sexlab Integration to Buttplug.io

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Please allow me to preface this with the fact I know that there is one mod out there that already does this (Skybutt & Controller to vibrator) however it only uses the vibration function I am hoping that somebody already has or is willing to be paid for the creation of a new mod that caters towards the use of automatic strokers. The Buttplug.io already has a connective interface aptly named Interface Desktop that recognizes and helps bridge the connection from games to many different wireless or wired sex toys. The thought process would be that this mod would track the speed of the various sexlab animations to simulate to the connected device either stroke speed or vibration intensity or potentially track collision with character's pelvis during animation checking for speed of motion or of motion contact(for reference there is a similar mod already made for Koikatsu Party and Honey Select 2 that can be found on the github page). If anybody could help point me in the right direction or would be willing to talk commision for such a project please let me know ❤️

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