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Cannot manually install body meshes or animation replacers

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Hey there, so... I use the Steam version of Oblivion, and whenever I try to manually install body meshes, or animation replacers, I put all the files in the correct place, double and even triple-checked to see if it was where it should be, as I've had no problems with it in the past, yet I can't figure out what's wrong, whenever I manually install body meshes, the default (underwear) body meshes appear, as for animations or animation replacers, they simply don't work, even though I put them in the right place, can anyone give me some help or tips to what I'm doing wrong? I've been having to install body meshes using an omod, and not all of the really good ones are omod compatible, any help to fix this problem would be appreciated. Thanks. 

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most time u can't manually install replace files in stream or GOG version of oblivion, the game already restore and overwrite the defaults files every time u start the game .. U NEED to use OBMM and use ( utilities --  Archive Invalidation -- BSA Alteration -- mark all file type box -- update now ) & sometime if this isn't work u need to edit the game bsa files ( Oblivion - Meshes + texture ) and inject the new file u wanna replace ..


check this 


and this 




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