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New Shrine of Azura (demo)

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Demo Version: 1k  *Ver. 1 (Dirt Texture - Low Intensity) 


Complete Version: 1k - 2K - 4K Textures!

*Ver. 1 (Dirt Texture - Low Intensity)    *Ver. 2 (Dirt Texture - Medium Intensity)   *Ver. 3 (Dirt Texture - High Intensity)


NexusMods               PATREON




Installation: Extract all included files into the Data folder...


More Mods? Support Me on PATREON



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Your Nexus comment says "if I do male statues, they will be Dressed:)" - is this a Nexus requirement?


I couldn't figure out what Nexus does and doesn't allow, is there a list thst is on Nexus or provided to modders, or is it case-by-case?

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"if I do male statues, they will be Dressed:)"--- I so decided that I will not do.


nexusmods allows (undressed models: male, female, hentai etc.), is it case-by-case. it is not allowed to use pictures, photos of real people, trademarks, 3d models by other authors, in your mods,--need permission. unique content required. 

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Love your work especially the latest Mara Statue.


I have some suggestions on improving Azura as she is actually kinda ugly as portrayed at Shrine of Azura in Skyrim. Older games and even concept art make her appear significantly more beautiful. Would you be able to make her face closer to the concept art or even the Cavern of Incarnate in ESO?






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