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Bodyslide Shape Files UUNPHDT

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Bodyslide Shape Files UUNPHDT

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Hello, this is my "Mary D." !


It´s my creation of a female body-shape for Bodyslide. It is made by using different tests with the skeleton to bring the optimal results for the knee-stretch, the overall legs-shape and a very lovely upper body with surprisingly well working breast and body-slider-morphing-support, based on existing sliders. Specially the bresat-sliders work far more better together with this creation, compared with the original UUNP-body. Hios and breasts are by default more smaller, compared with my pictures.

I add my settings for you inside of the thread for this mod-shape.


Ideal for being used as alternative UUNPHDT-reference-body, for followers or for slider-creations as well.

This shape is being created to work with bodyslide.


Enjoy the sexy curves:-)



(the long leather-whips and the high-heels are part of the new ZAP 9 - pack, which is in preparation)

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    Skyrim, Bodyslide
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