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Ruined my game... again!

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Ok so I grab Kaiden & escape abandoned prison at lvl 4, swing by cradlerock and kill the giant for a quick level. Only he's already dead, murderised by 3 hefty, hunky looking lvl 25-30ish orgres!!!


Anyway after like 1hr of fighting them I get 1xp from each one......... grrrr


There's compatibility patches on nexus for Experience but non for mihail ogres, so I made my own csv with the following in it (seeing as the giant gave me like 140xp this was only fair)




Restart again but this time I didn't make a save, anyway fought them again and the first one we kill gives 644xp :O

Which bumped me a quite a few levels, not something I wanted :(


Going try a new game with something like mihailogresrace,16 mihailogresraceSNOW,17 mihailogresraceARMORED,18

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