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Odd SOS/niOverride (RaceMenu) interaction/bug?

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Hello all,


I've come across a strange and obscure bug/interaction between SOS and NiOverride (RaceMenu) when finalizing a new mod.


For context, the mod adds skin overrides to actors depending on a number of factors. It uses the NiOverride function below:


NiOverride.AddSkinOverrideTextureSet(akActor, True, False, 4, 6, -1, AdaptedBodyFemaleArgonian[i], True)
;Function Definition: Function AddSkinOverrideTextureSet(ObjectReference ref, bool isFemale, bool firstPerson, int slotMask, int key, int index, TextureSet value, bool persist) native global


The final "True" Boolean causes the skin override to persist through equipping and unequipping armor. This works perfectly until I install SOS. Once SOS is installed, the skin override is no longer visible when equipping new armor.


The odd thing is, this continues to happen even when I disable all SOS plugins. It only goes away when I fully uninstall SOS.


That seems to narrow it down to a base SOS file (though I don't know how that could possibly produce this interaction), or some trigger within NiOverride that detects if SOS is installed.


Anyone have any insight/ideas? I'm at a bit of a loss on this one. I can work around it, but with how common SOS is, it would be a bummer of an incompatibility.




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Damn, I think I narrowed it down to a function in the SchlongsOfSkyrim.dll SKSE plugin. If nothing but the dll and esp file are present, the bug occurs (even if the esp file is disabled. The bug also goes away if I rename the SOS esp).


As this function runs even when I delete all SOS papyrus scripts, I'm assuming its something that initializes after the dll file detects the SOS esp is present. I'm guessing it's some sort of node-refresh that runs when you equip something in Slot 32; probably a functionality of the revealing/concealing armor system.


If this is all the case, then I'm well out of my depth. Is the SchlongsOfSkyrim.dll source code available somewhere? Or a version of SOS that doesn't have the revealing/concealing system? If not, I don't have high hopes of reverse-engineering his good work.


I'll likely have to just run a refresh of my own. Clunky and wouldn't look the best, but I don't want to fight with such a universal mod.



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