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Is all the mods that now disappearing from Nexus coming here

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So nexus has put their foot into the fire and seems happy with it. For me as a user since the start it's making me sad, angry and frustrated. I'm not sure what is in their mind when their action scares of all the fantastic modders that produce classical high quality work from their site.  I hope all that actually pay for premium stop doing that instantly. My guess the Nexus will only be good for vanilla characters and maybe textures.
The action made is making me mad. /end rant

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was reading the new terms at nexus.

"By submitting content to our services, you are granting an infinite, non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license for Nexus Mods to store, distribute, copy or reproduce, edit, translate, reformat, publicly display, or perform the submitted content, at our discretion. Guess this is what the fuzz is about.
Not been following the subject, just suprised to see all my good mods  I use are dead  at 

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Overall, very little seem to have changed about available mods at Skyrimnexus:


These are total and available amount of mods present on 02.07.21:


LE 66.6k (60048 available)

SSE 37.2K (32414 available)


Today the numbers are:

LE 66.3k (59776 available)

SSE 37.3K (32553 available)


So I'd say it is pretty far from dramatic and I wouldn't expect a swarm of Nexus mods here at LL.


The lower numbers in brackets are the ones you get when browse all mods. It will not count hidden mods. I actually expected the numbers to be lower than this. It could mean that people don't care or that people don't have substitute sites they consider good enough?

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I've only seen 6 mods out of all the ones I've dl'd get deleted, and at least 2 were from before.  I think this is more akin to the "great reddit exodus" after they booted some undesirable subs and peeps saying it was going to die.  It hasn't, and Nexus won't either.  There may be some modders cooling to the idea of posting to Nexus, and finding or constructing alternatives, like SunJeong already has,, but that's it.

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There's not going to be a mass transit. Ever.


This isn't the first Nexus bad decision that had people up in keyboards. Plus, LL isn't for the "Is it lore friendly?" "Is it Immersive?" crowd, which is more than half of the TES user base. Also, many people have a serious aversion to adult content. Extreme violence and mutilation in games? Sure, no problem. A nipple showing? Send in the FBI!!! Those type of people won't come.


Now that Nexus took away lifetime premium, upped the cost for membership, it's not looking great for Nexus at the moment.


More than likely lesser sites and blog posts will become far more popular and redit threads or google spreadsheets are how mods will be in the future. It's how they are done for lesser games now. Also, an unhealthy amount of Patreon Paywalls is likely to occur in the near future, if not already.

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7 hours ago, Thor2000 said:

It could mean that people don't care or that people don't have substitute sites they consider good enough?

*or the mod creators have not logged on in 5+ years and are unaware of whats going on.

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We had this discussion already it was really long. This whole thing is what it is and it ain't pretty. I'm glad bethesda stalled when they did it helped to take money away from nexus which is why nexus did what they did. Anyone collecting money will move to preserve the process of taking if that process is interrupted or damaged. If someone gives you 100 dollars in a bank account and the bank charges you 5 dollars a month to hold it for you, first thing you do when you get that first 5 dollar charge is take out the rest of the money. Money always flees to safety it does not just sit there and get taxed to death. Even the greatest of us falls to their passions on a regular basis and the passions of men never change not in ten thousand years and not ever. The past is the future and the future is the past and so we will continue to kill reproduce and take over and over.


Nexus won't go away even if you killed the whole gaming industry right now they would still be around for a long while. After ancient rome fell and the people left, roman currency was still used among many peoples and even reproduced by india for a time. Even if gaming just died nexus would peddle content for games that still functioned for a time. The industry would eventually come back and once it did THAT would get rid of nexus as things would have changed a lot by then. Some other form of nexus would come back much later on along with the industry over time as well. 


Discord is the go to place for modders now and patreon bucks mods as well. The most damaging thing to bethesda and their old games is some online gaming that doesn't nickle and dime users nearly as much as F76 does. Produce the right online games SOON and it will keep beth and macroshit down for a long time. Nobody ever wastes a good crisis and the time we all spent last year shut down and screwed over will not be wasted by big companies they have been moving as fast as they can. That steam deck garbage might be the biggest sign of just how fast they are trying to move right now. Why wait for ps5 or sexboxsexes or a mini fridge when you can duct tape/superglue/whatever a steam deck to the underside of your dam cell phone and play pc games at work, in the bathroom, or while making another child credit? Lots easier to produce an IoT device and stream a pc game to it than to wait for china to stfu and get back to work making peasant boxes and video cards.


Beth had that handheld whatever it was demonstrated at the unveiling of the rage 2 game remember? They had a camera guy getting all that action showing a doom game streaming on it. Now steam has beaten them to it so they either suck it up and deal with steam or wait for macroshit to copy it and waste time lose money.



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