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  1. You could also just delete the soft penis mesh in nifscope. I think I'll do it anyway in the future. Bredaturk: thanks for the headsup on the empty folder. If I recall correctly my zombies use a race from Skyrim Underground, so they shouldn't conflict (mihailzombierace is a record in this mod, but unused. It shouldn't conflict either.
  2. I'm pretty sure it doesn't since its SE .... 😆 nah just kidding. Thank you very much. The download v1.5 is available for SE too now.
  3. Here are the xml file(s). I can't recall which one is used in the pic above. But they're all pretty much the same. That "erected" nippletip is from Bakafactories TBBP body mod. It's a land replacer mod called tropical skyrim: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/33017 which is overwritten with: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/83982 anjabody.xml MoniqBody.xml perkyLarge.xml
  4. This one look good. Is it a vanilla creature model? I don't recall the horns?
  5. Well... it is possible. Probably not through the defeat mod. But if you use CPUs Scent of Sex mod, then you can design your own sex rules (basically rules with conditions for where, when and with whom sex should occur). The mod is very well done and have good learning documentations that comes with it. As an example, I've earlier set up rules in my game where small riekling dwemer creatures will harass female human dwemer creatures Vampires will harass vampire companion creatures. A female who watches two other females having sex will try to intiate threesome afterwards. For a rule you describe, you would need to set one of the conditions as bleed out state or low health. The actors can be defined with creature race. It's not impossible. But it requires some learning first. It might also conflict with defeat mod (and similar). Not sure cause I haven't been experimenting with this myself
  6. Its a preset based on demonfeet i think. I can post a xml later on. Does anyone else on SSE have this too? It doesn't directly require SL aroused (I use SL aroused redux btw). Creaturefranework requires one version of SL aroused installed and Demonic Creatures requires Creatureframework. Yeah ur right. I don't have to specify SL aroused as a requirement since that is something that Creatureframework requires. It doesn't help with all the versions of SL aroused either. So better to just update the requirements. I'll try to remember to remove those gimp files for v1.5😁 . That undead werewolf I need to check. I have spawned it myself so there is hopefully a nif version in the corresponding mesh folder too. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. I don't think it will be too long. Maybe during this upcoming week. Depends if I nailed all the errors in the beta edition. It could also be the start of the week after that. Lots going on next week. No its the same SLAL packs. This is basically just a creature adding mod with ABC support.
  8. Check the ods file. It says which creature is supported and not. Dinos are not. Btw in v1.5 most of them will be gone. Only the beaked dinos left.
  9. You gotta love the name on that esp 😄. Gonna try it out. Edited: Works like a charm. May I use this if I credit you? Maybe I'll try to change the texture from perhaps grey to light brown or something
  10. I'm going to take a little look at that skinned hound swarm inside Labyrinthian. First off, I'll levelize them so you would only meet the weaker ones in the start. Might also move them to someplace else if there's lots of actors in one spot. Thanks... such feedback is valuable. 😂
  11. Try this patch and see if it makes a difference (ignore the riekling text in the file name -> typo error) SSE riekling aroused patch.rar
  12. That's good 😁. The spawn chance of these creatures are roughly between 25-40%. Maybe I should increase it a little. One day I too will play with a unlevelled Skyrim. Did you adjust the list urself or is there a mod for it? Does it appear like that every time you spawn the creature ? Are you on LE or SE?
  13. I just remember this "dust" that comes from the ground when the giant does that, stomp attack (don't even know if that is what the attack is called). There's a lot of dust at least 😄. I might give it a try. Would be fun to make some hardcore dwemer creatures where you actually need a special spell to be able to go down in those ruins. The dust spell could give the dwemer creatures some kind of malfunctioning symptoms like speed penalty or increased weakness for other magics. Ok, now I'm on a rant, but remember that focusing crystal where you use heat and cool spells to focus it? I guess a extreme version of heat/cool spells would be perfect to destroy a mechanical being.
  14. Next time I'm going to take that coffee cup before start making posts 😝. Thanks for your insight.
  15. Attached mesh will freak out with bone nodes in any direction in game. What I did was that I took the original 3d model of the goblin, opened it in nifscope, exported body and eyes as OBJ. Then I rerigged it after falmer skeleton. It is set up to use falmer race and skeleton. It looks like a skeleton issue. But in nifscope everything looks nice and clean. Can anyone see where I went wrong here? I would be very greatful for some help on this one. EDITED [SOLVED]: Sometimes I guess the easy way is better than the correct way. I skipped blender. Skipped OBJ and the whole Re-rig part. Just did the freaking stomach adjustments inside outfitstudio with out any weightpainting whatsoever to make room for the schlong. Now it works.... God knows why... I don't like it when things go right and you don't really know why, so I'm still interested to see if someone knows what is wrong with the attached nif file. goblin01.nif
  16. We should make a "dust" spell then 😁
  17. You can install v1.4 and just overwrite with v1.5. About bsa archive. I'm looking into it. At least when the mod is complete it will be bsa packed 😊
  18. This looks very nice. I like that you made the animations slower in pace. I find it much more sensual 😁
  19. In this place it could be one of two errors in v1.4. 1) Invisible (actually just very small) actor spawned that I placed by a mistake inside a common list. If it spawns in one of those coffins, quest script halts, since that coffin won't pop as it should. Using Aurora Whisper will reveal it since it's a living being. It will be spawned outside the coffin so if you are able to locate it, kill it with whatever combat tactic you use. 2) A non draugr creature spawns in said coffins. It will spawn outside the coffins, so it's really the same issue as above. Killing those actors above should normally have the quest proceed but it is not always the case. If Naps-on-Dirts tactic doesn't work out you can try console commands as a last attempt: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Tending_the_Flames At the bottoms is the quest stages. That should work too.
  20. No worries my friend . The hdt xml files has not changed name? If not then I am at a loss. You seem to know more about it than me. In the future when I'm considering myself done I probably upload the mod with a BSA option too. Right now I consider the mod heavily under upgrade so I'm just trying to remove everything "extra" which is not really necessary at the moment. Sorry I could not be of more help to yah.
  21. Yeah we defently need the goblins 😁. I didn't play Oblivion, but I've heard it was loaded with Goblins. The one thing I'd like to do with this Durzog is to make new edition of it and rig it after a boar skeleton. I don't know if Goblin did ride Durzogs in Oblivion, but it would nice to have a new mount for the riekling goblins. Should the Durzog have balls? I kind of thought of this creature like a "lizzard" creature. Not sure if balls will fit with the schlong base either 🙃
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